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Clu Free Fire, Beautiful Characters with Cool Support Skills!

Games Free Fire has quite a lot of female character choices that you can play. One of them is Clu Free Fire character who have special skills. His ability to make Clu as one of the characters support cool in Free Fire.

About Clu

clu free fire skills
  • Evaya Cluworthy, commonly known as Clu
  • 24 years old
  • United States of America
  • February 28
  • Detective

In games Free Fire, Clu is seen as a young woman with a fashionable appearance. Clu is a beautiful woman who grew up in the suburbs of a big city in the United States. As a child, Clu lived a prosperous and happy life, thanks to his parents’ abundant wealth.

However, the situation changed when Clu reached his teens. His father received a military call and participated in a war. A year after the summons, the war was over. However, there is no news about his biological father.

Because of his high love for his father, Clu chose a profession as a detective. He did this job after graduating from high school in hopes of finding his parents. Therefore, it is not surprising that Clu has special skills in tracking.

Skills Clu

clu free fire

As already mentioned, Clu has a special skill in tracking. Skills special Cl named tracing steps. This ability allows him to know the location of the enemy. However, this tracking applies when the enemy is standing or running. Enemies will not be detected when crouched or prone.

Clu’s special abilities will be very useful when you have an aggressive style of play. In addition, Clu can also share enemy positions with fellow team members. Therefore, you can use Clu as a character support to hunt down the enemy.

It’s just that Clu Free Fire abilities will be less useful when dealing with enemies who are used to playing passively. In addition, his skills will also be ineffective if you are fighting on an open map or an area filled with tall buildings or hills. Instead, Clu can track very accurately if you are fighting on a narrow map.

Clu’s ability to track can increase as the character’s level increases. At the highest level, Clu can track enemy positions within a distance of up to 50 meters.

To be more complete, here are the levels skills Clu Free Fire has:

Level 1

At the lowest level, skills tracing steps You can use Clu to track enemy positions within 30 meters. Skills this only applies when the enemy is standing or running. This ability is active and lasts for 5 seconds with cooldown 50 seconds. In addition, you cannot share enemy location information with team members.

Level 2

When reaching level 2, reach skills tracing steps Clu increased to 35 meters. Skills this remains limited to tracking only enemies that are standing or running. In addition, you can activate tracing steps for 5.5 seconds and cooldown for 50 seconds. At this stage, you still cannot share enemy locations with team members.

Level 3

You can get the next upgrade when Clu is level 3. Reach skillsit reaches a distance of 40 meters with the enemy standing or running, and has a cooldown for 50 seconds. Skills tracking steps last for 6 seconds and cannot be shared with team members.

Level 4

No increase in detection distance or duration skills when the Clu character reaches level 4. However, at this stage you can share the enemy’s location with team members.

Level 5

Skills tracing steps level 5 you can get when the character reaches level 6. Skills it has a range of 45 meters and lasts 6.5 seconds with cooldown 50 seconds. There is an effect share skills to team members.

Level 6

If Clu Free Fire character have reached level 8, you can obtain skills tracing steps highest level or level 6. Skills It is able to detect the presence of an enemy who is standing or running at a distance of 50 meters, lasts for 7 seconds with cooldown 50 seconds. In addition, you can also share enemy locations with fellow team members.

Combination Skills Best Clu Free Fire

clu free fire character

Referring to Clu Free Fire abilities, this character will be difficult if used to play solo. You can maximize Clu’s ability if you combine skills with other characters. There are 5 recommendations skills The best things you can try when playing Clu are:

#1. DJ Alok

The first option, you can combine skills DJ Alok with Clu Free Fire abilities. This ability is useful for making Clu’s movements more agile and at the same time increasing HP.

#2. Laura

Clu is also quite suitable if you pair it with Laura. Laura who is a special agent has the ability to increase shot accuracy. The combination of the two can increase success in hunting down enemies.

#3. Kelly

Kelly’s character has skills the ability to run fast. You can use this ability to approach enemy positions that are already known to pass skills Clu. As a result, you can paralyze the enemy briefly if you use a combination of these two characters.

#4. Kapella

At the highest level, Kapella is able to increase the healing ability of items healing by 20%. Skills This will be very useful to support Clu characters to play more aggressively.

#5. Maxim

The duet of Maxim and Clu is also worthy of your consideration. Maxim’s character has the ability to increase usage efficiency med kit and mushrooms. Through the use of these abilities, you can use Clu to play more aggressively in hunting down enemies.

That’s the introduction about Clu who has skills cool supporter. You can get this character very easily. You can take advantage of top up event or buy it online bundling in the store using diamonds. Furthermore, you can also be satisfied hunting enemies with skills tracing steps Clu.