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Build Emblem Dyrroth Mobile Legends

Dyrroth is one of Hero Fighter the newest that can be said overpowered until it becomes the current meta. However, you also have to know the concoction build best for Dyrroth in order to dominate in games.

Read more below!’s Best Choice Build for Dyrroth

Item Build

1. Warrior Boots

warrior boots
warrior boots

Mimin chooses Warrior Boots because this one shoe item is the most suitable for use by Dyrroth.

By having this shoe item, Dyrroth will have more high endurance to become a Hero Offlaner (Solo Lane).

2. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax
Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax is core items for Dyrroth. With combination Warrior Boots, Dyrrothno need to be afraid to do 1 vs 1 with the opponent’s hero.

Items This blood ax will make Dyrroth continuously get life steal and spells vampplus damage mainly on use skills and skills passive which supports.

With items this will help to reduce time cooldown from skills Dyrroth.

3. Corrision Scythe

Corrision Scythe
Corrision Scythe

Corrision Scythe it’s also items very helpful Dyrroth. We must know that Dyrroth do not have crowd control, which makes it difficult to target the opponent.

However, hero Dyrroth this is nothing to worry about, because, items this will make the opponent lose movement speed and affected slow, so that Dyrroth it would be easier to slay the enemy.

4. Endless Battle

Endless Battle
Endless Battle

Endless Battle items will be very useful for Dyrroth, because items it works in various aspects for Dyrroth.

Must know by player who uses heroes Dyrroththe mainstay of this hero is Skills 2 and Passive.

When Dyrroth wearing Endless Battle items, which is sure to have an effect passive true damage from items this will often come out about the opponent.

5. Blade of Heptaseas

Blade of Heptaseas is items which is also very useful for Dyrroth, with the latest effects it has, this Fighter can do instant kill to his opponent.

Due to the recent effects of Blade of Heptaseas will add damage next by 100% Physical Attack.

6. Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair
Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair, items this is items ultimate which can make Dyrroth become a monster! Addition physical damage from items this is huge.

Besides being able to make monsters, the other strengths of this item are movement speed Dyrroth will increase by 5%, sure helps Dyrroth easier to catch up to his opponent.

Well, then you also need an Emblem that supports Dyrroth, therefore, use the following emblem:

The Right Emblem and Battle Spell for Dyrroth

Recommended Emblem

custom assassins
custom assassins

Mimin recommend Dyrroth to use the emblem Custom Fighter because with this emblem, Dyrroth will have more damage and great physical endurance.

On talent tier 3 of these, you can use the emblem Festival of Blood to make Dyrroth to be stronger in team fight.

With emblem Festival of Blood Dyrroth it must be very easy to regenerate his lost HP, plus items Bloodlust Axwill make Dyrroth strong against anyone.

You can also change the emblem Festival of Blood with Disabling Strike, Dyrroth will remain vicious at the time of release skills 2 towards his opponent.

Disabling Strike it will be very easy Dyrroth to chase the enemy due to the effects of Disabling Strike will make the opponent’s movement slow by 20%.

You can also make Dyrroth use the emblem Custom Assassin.

At talent tier 3 you can use High and Dry to add 6% damage to the opponent when there is only one opponent in front Dyrroth.

This will make Dyrroth dominate while doing 1 vs 1.

Recommended Battle Spell


With the emblem Sprint this, Dyrroth can be faster to move to do back up to teammates.

Besides that Sprint will also make it easier Dyrroth to chase the opponent and do ganking towards the opponent.

Besides the choice battle spells another is Petrified.

With Petrified, Dyrroth can be used as a combo to use ultimate skills or combo from skill 1-2 Dyrroth.

Let’s see the gameplay Dyrroth when using Build and Emblem version below.