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Build the best Valir counter hero melee

The best Valir builds brought to you by ONE Esports.

The best Valir builds have appeared. Valir is one of the mage heroes who has unique abilities and is different from the others.

Valir is not a typical mage with big damage. Uniquely, because the poke type Valir can still make a lot of kills even though the item is not full damage.

It’s very rare in META now that a mage has a typical riot. Maybe only Selena and Mathilda can really make an opponent panic in the jungle.

However, Valir made it onto that list. The hero just got little adjustment where skill 1 can now be without a cooldown if you kill a minion, this makes it easier to clear waves.

But, actually overall nothing has changed much from this hero. Because in the end the function of this hero is to riot, not to make big damage deals.

Valir flexible to be midlaner or roamer

Looking at his three CC skills and abilities, Valir appears more often as a roamer at some time in the competitive scene.

The goal is clear, either to destroy the opponent, or to protect his team from melee heroes. As we know, Valir is a natural counter for melee heroes like Luo Yi.

Best Valir Build

All melee heroes are guaranteed not to get close because of their ability to give burst fire balls in succession and searing Torrents that can push enemies away.

Even so, he is also very capable of being a midlaner especially because of the adjustments he got in the last patch update.

Best Valir Build

Then what is the best Valir build? ONE Esports prioritizes using distracting items over damage.

Source: MLBB

The Ice Queen Wand, Glowing Wand, and Necklace of Durance remain the main ones. The rest can be adjusted if you want to play damage or durability. You can use Bruteforce if you want to defend, or Genius Wand when you have the goal of reducing the enemy’s magic defense.

Because Valir is a hero with slow mobility, positioning is very important. Spell flicker can be of great help to you. Do you agree with this best Valir build?

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