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Build the Best SAVAGE Items & Spells Lancelot Mobile Legends

Mobile legends are games MOBAs that are currently hits, like games MOBA in general games it also has a lot hero that can be used, there are about 58 herobut this article will discuss and explain about build Lancelot items to the best battle spells used by Lancelot.

Lancelot is hero type assassin which is usually banned when playing ranked in epic and above, lancelot is known as a very sick and agile hero to run away or attack his enemies. With his fencing sword Lancelot easily kills his enemies with skills its capable. The following is a complete explanation of skills, spellsas well as build the best for Lancelot.

I. Explanation of Lancelot’s Skill

Passive Skills

Starting from Passive skills it is Soul Cutterin passive skills lancelot will do the fencing gerakan Surgical promise or lancelot will cast shadows like clothes that can lower defense enemies every 10 seconds, enemies locked with the shadow of the armor will receive additional damage by 20%.

Skill 1

Skill 1 that is Punchturelancelot will attack the enemy using his sword and give 100(+50% Total Physical attack) points physical damagethe target will get Swork mark and when skills it’s about a different enemy then it will refresh cooldownhis. Skills it itself has cooldown for 14.0 seconds and use where as much as 50.

Skill 2

Next skill 2 that is Thorned Rosein skills this lancelot will issue an extraordinary sword technique in a triangular area and can attack enemies in that area will give 250 (+150% Extra physical attack) physical damage (damage will be reduced every time it hits the target) and the more the enemy is in the middle of the triangle area will give damage greater to the enemy will also slow the opponent by 30% for 1 second in each hit, skills it also get 40% vampire spells. Skills it has cooldown for 8.0 seconds and use where as much as 70

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate which name is phantom executionin skills this time lancelot will attack forward towards the target and lancelot will be invulnerable for skills this goes on, skills this will give 400(+210% total physical attack) points physical damage on his enemy. Skills it has cooldown for 27.0 seconds and using where as much as 100.

II. Build Items Lancelot

And here are the recommendations items Lancelot’s best is the most used by para global top Lancelot:

III. Explanation of Lancelot Items

1. Magic Shoes

Items The first thing that is recommended to buy is magic shoesbecause items this will give +10% cooldown reductionand +40 movement speed. Items this is good for lancelot because it makes cooldown from skill skills is slightly reduced.

2. Bloodlust Ax

Items The next is bloodlust ax, items mandatory for lancelot because it will give +70 physical attack+10% cooldown reduction and +20% vampire spellsmeaning that every enemy is hit skill skills lancelot, will add lancelot’s own blood due to effect vampire spells.

3. Blade of Despair

Items third is blade of despairbecause items it will give +170 physical attack+10% attack speed and also when the enemy is hit stun, items it will add damage by 10%. So will make Lancelot have damage which hurts even more.

4. Blade of the 7 Seas

Next recommended to buy blade of the 7 seasbecause items this will give +75 physical attack+300 mobile phone and passive unique from items this is going to make lancelot lower physical defense enemies as much as 25 points (every skill skills hit the enemy) and will last for 3 seconds.

5. Rose Gold Meteor

Items The next is rose gold meteor, items this will give +60 physical attack+30 Magic RES+5% Lifesteal and passive unique from items this is when lancelot’s blood is less than 30%, a shield will appear which will absorb damage between 510-1350 and will increase according to level.

6. Immortality

And what is recommended to buy is immortalitybecause items it will give +800 mobile phone+40 magic RESand also good items this will make hero revive 2 seconds after death and get mobile phone also shield which can absorb 300-1000 points damage. Items it has cooldown for 3 minutes after the period of use. So it is very suitable for Lancelot to avoid death because after living Lancelot can run away or continue to attack his enemies.

IV. Battle Spells For Lancelot

Then for battle spells recommended to use retribution because spells this will speed up the process farming thus making Lancelot faster to level up and make items on, spells this can also help when 1 vs 1 because retribution can hit the enemy which makes the enemy have an effect slow.

Hopefully this tutorial will increase your knowledge so that you can win continuously, whether playing solo or with your friends.

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