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Build the Best SAVAGE Items & Spells in Zilong Mobile Legends

Zilong is a type hero fighter/assassin and specialist Charge/initiator. According to the story, zilong is the adopted son of the Great Dragon, zilong vows to explore the world to help the wise ruler according to the orders of the Great Dragon, whenever a new king needs his power, zilong will come and get rid of all the enemies that confront the king, using techniques fighting like a knight, armed with the spear bestowed upon him by the Great Dragon.

In games Zilong is famous for the enemy tower thief hero because of his attacking speed. One of his mainstay skills is Supreme warrior, where the skill will increase his speed, besides, Zilong has skill skills which is very lethal which supports it to kill enemies and steal towers easily. The following is a complete explanation of skills, spellsas well as build the best for Zilong.

I. Explanation of Zilong Skill

Passive Skills

Starting from passive skills her name is Dragon Flurry. Every 6 seconds, basic attack next will land combo on the target in front of him many times, and will deal a total of 1.8 times damage. Attack the enemy with basic attack will reduce time cooldown from abilities this is 0.5 seconds.

Skill 1

Next skill 1 named Spear Flipin skills this zilong will pinch the enemy with his spear past his back, and will give 300(+140% extra physical attack) physical damage and skills it will reduce armor target by 10 for 2 seconds. Skills it has cooldown for 9.0 seconds and consumes 80 . mana cost.

Skill 2

Skill 2 belongs to Zilong named Spear Strikein skills this zilong will fly towards the target, which will give 260(+30% Extra physical attack) physical damage will also reduce movement speed target by 30% for 1 second, and immediately do basic attack. Skills it has time cooldown for 10.0 seconds and consumes 80 . mana cost.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate skills her name is Supreme Warriorin ultimate zilong will improve movement speed and attack speed himself 30% and 45% respectively for 6 seconds, skills this will remove the motionless effect. Skills it has time cooldown for 30.0 seconds and consumes 120 . mana cost.

II. Build Items Zilong

The following are the best items that are widely used by Zilong’s top globals:

III. Description About Zilong Items

1. Warrior Boots

Items The first recommended is items shoe warrior bootswhich will give +22 armor and has the uniqueness of adding movement speed of +40. Passive physical defense will increase by 5 from the attack received to an increase of 25 points that lasts up to 3 seconds.

2. Haas’s Claws

The next is haas’s claws, items it will give +70 physical attack+20% lifestealand the good items this is when mobile phone drops below 40%, the hero will receive an additional 10% lifesteal physical. Items this was bought in the beginning games to give extra lifesteal as well as damage zilong.

3. Berserker’s Fury

The third one is berserker’s furybecause items this will give +25% crit. Chance+65 physical attack+40% crit. Damage and unique passive from items this is going to improve physical attack 5% for 2 seconds. Items this will also add a bit lifesteal.

4. Rose Gold Meteor

Next can buy rose gold meteor,because it will add +60 physical attack+30 magic RES+5% lifesteal and passive items This is in the form: will provide a shield when Zilong’s blood is less than 30% which will absorb damage between 510 – 1350 (will increase according to level). So it is very suitable for Zilong because of its unique passive.

5. Blade of Despair

Items The next is blade of despairbecause it will add +170 physical attack+10% attack speed and if the enemy is affected by an effect (such as stun, freeze, etc.) it will provide additional damage by 10%. So will make zilong have damage which hurts even more.

6. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

And the last is defense items that is Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, items it will give +15 physical attack+1000 mobile phone+10% cooldown reductionand the unique passive of items this is going to reduce damage received is 40% when mobile phone less than 40% and add lifesteal zilong by 15%.

IV. Battle Spells For Zilong

For battle spells can use inspire or fury because it will increase Zilong’s attack speed, so it will be very easy to kill enemies and steal enemy towers.

Hopefully this tutorial will increase your knowledge so that you can continue to win, whether playing solo or with your friends.

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