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Build the Best SAVAGE Items & Spells Alucard Mobile Legends

Alucard is hero type fighter/assassinalucard is famous for HP that will not run out because he gets lifesteal which can be said to be quite a lot from his continuous attacks, besides that Alucard also doesn’t have to worry about running out of mana because Alucard himself is a hero who don’t use wherebesides that he also has skills capable of eliminating his enemies. The following is a complete explanation of skills, spellsas well as build the best for Alucard which is often used by global top players.

I. Explanation of Alucard’s Skill

Passive Skills

Passive skillsit is Pursuitif hit by 1 enemy, will give damage x 1.2, if it hits 2 enemies it will give x 1.1 damage, and basic attack then will deal damage x 1.2 and will target the target.

Skill 1

Next skill 1 that is Ground splitterin skills this alucard will jump over the enemy and will launch 1 attack, and each attack will produce 240(+160% extra physical attack) points from physical damage to the enemy and skills this can also slow down the enemy hit by the jump, skills This can be used to run away as well as to close the enemy’s distance because skills it can jump over walls. Skills it has cooldown for 10.0 seconds

Skill 2

Skill 2 that is Whirling Smashin skills this alucard will swing his sword in a circle and will generate 230(+140% extra physical attack) physical damage. This is skills main alucard because it will give damage which is quite large and will also of course provide lifesteal. Skills it has cooldown which is said to be quite short, which is about 5.0 seconds.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimateher name is Fission wavethis is skills Alucard died because lifesteal what you get will be very large which makes Alucard able to survive in the war for a long time, skills this alone will give 20% lifesteal, produce damage to the enemy within 8 seconds should trigger the effect passive damage extra, as well as increase 100% of the effect lifesteal this time, while the ability is in effect, alucard can cast a powerful attack wave and will deal 440(+220% extra physical attack) points from physical damage. Skills it has cooldown for 30.0 seconds.

II. Build Items Alucard

And the following are the recommendations for the best Alucard items and the ones most used by players global top Alucard:

III. Explanation About Alucard Items

1. Warrior Boots

Items The first thing to buy is warrior bootsbecause items it will add movement speed reaches 40% and also physical defense will increase to 25 points, this item will make Alucard have a fairly strong physical defense at the beginning games.

2. Haas’s Claws

Then items second is Haas’s Claws, items this will add +70 Physical attack+20% Lifestealand when mobile phone drop below 40%, hero it will receive an additional 10% lifesteal physical.

3. Berserker’s Fury

Items next is berseker’s fury because items it will increase +65 physical attack+25% critical damageuniqueness: +40% critical damage also items it has passive in the form of increasing physical attack 5% for 2 seconds. So it’s great for alucard because it will give extra lifesteal.

4. Endless Battle

Items the fourth is endless battlebecause items in will give +65 physical attack+25 where is regen+250 mobile phone+10% cooldown reduction+5% movement speedand items it has passive in the form of, hero emit skills, attack normal next will increase damage 85% physical attack as true damage. But this effect has cooldown for 1.5 seconds. And when the effect was active movement speed will increase by 15%.

5. Thunder Belt

Items The next is thunder belt, defense items the most suitable for alucard because it will give +800 mobile phone+30 where is regen+5% cooldown reduction+40 armor and +15 HP regen. good items this is when hero have used skills, si hero will receive an additional 50% of physical attack as true damage, and can slow down nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. However, this effect can only be used once every 1.5 seconds.

6, Melefic Roar

And items the last one is melefic roarbecause items this will give +60 physical attack+40% physical penetration and items it also has passive in the form of basic attack will ignore 20% defense from defense armor turret. Which means items it will add damage to turret enemy.

IV. Battle Spells For Alucard

For Alucard it is recommended to use retribution because items this will help the process farming from alucard to be faster so that all items and level alucard is faster to do it. Spell it also helps when war with enemies with men slow his target enemy.

Hopefully with this tutorial this time it can increase your knowledge so that you can continue to win in playing solo nor ranked with your friends.

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