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Best Yi Sun Shin Hero and Counter Items

 This Marksman is indeed on the rise after experiencing a fairly OP revamp. YSS will get additional damage from his passive and you can get it continuously. Therefore, YSS is often chosen to be hyper because it can farm quickly.

In addition, YSS also has CC immune skills and makes it very difficult to counter. Many players are frustrated when dealing with YSS, especially during the late game. But, you don't need to panic because there are several heroes and items that are suitable for you to use to counter YSS.

Counter Do Sun Shin

1. Hayabusa

This assassin hero is indeed very tough and very suitable for you to use to counter YSS. Hayabusa can easily lock and kill YSS because it has enormous damage. In addition, Hayabusa also has agile movements that make it easier to catch YSS.

2. Know

\Saber is indeed very worthy of being a YSS counter thanks to its ultimate and large combo damage. It seems that we know that YSS has a low defense so Saber can finish it off easily.

3. Karina

Even though YSS has a lot of damage but it's useless because Karina has a skill that will block basic attack damage. In addition, Karina's unresponsive damage will make YSS auto die or even die.

4. Lancelot

Lancelot has agile movements and large combo damage. Even though YSS has a dash skill, Lancelot can easily catch up or even dodge YSS's high-damage attacks.

5. Harley

This mage is indeed very troublesome with a deadly combo. Harley can easily lock and finish YSS.

Best Yi Sun Shin counter items

In addition to heroes, you can also counter YSS with items. Here are the YSS counter items:

  • Antique Cuirass
  • Dominance Ice 
  • Blade Armor
  • Twilight Armor
  • Wind of Nature

So that's the best Yi Sun Shin ML  counter , is there any other suitable hero to counter Bruno? Write your opinion.