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Best Ruby Counter Hero and Items

 Although Ruby is not currently META but Ruby is able to counter various heroes, especially agile heroes. So if you meet a Ruby player, you are guaranteed to be in trouble, either by one or by war. To be safe, you should use the Ruby counter if you don't want the hassle.

There are several heroes who can counter Ruby, both heroes and items. If you can use one of them, you will very easily kill Ruby. Here are the best Ruby counters:

Best Ruby Counter

1. Baxia

Not only does it have a very annoying CC, but Ruby also has a fairly high defense and lifesteal. But it's useless because Baxia is a natural counter hero who has a high lifesteal. Baxia can reduce Shield and HP regen enemies also have high defense.

2. Valir

Valir is quite effective in countering various male heroes, including Ruby. With his skill that can push the opponent, Valir will prevent Ruby from getting close so he can't do his combo.

3. Diggie

Ultimate Diggie will release teammates from all CC opponents. Besides that. teammates also get a very useful shield. Even though Diggie can't kill Ruby by one, but Diggie will make Ruby trouble.

4. Cheap

Barats is very suitable duel with Ruby because Barats has a very strong defense. But you can deal with Ruby if you have a lot of stacks, if not, it's better to collect the stack first and don't force it.

Item Counter Ruby

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Ruby with items. Here are the Ruby counter items:


Dominance Ice

Antique Cuirass

So that's the best Ruby ML  counter , is there any other suitable hero to counter Bruno? Write your opinion. Don't forget to keep visiting Gamedaim so you get other interesting info.