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Best Build Items & Spells Yi Shun-Shin Mobile Legends

Yi Shun-shin is a hero Marksman who has the ability that can be long range or close range, when long distance Yi Shun-shin will use his arrow shots and when close range he will use his flagship sword. In games Yi Shun-shin has a vehicle that can help and improve movement speedthe vehicle is named turtle shipbesides being able to increase movement speed, the vehicle can also be used to attack the enemy by directing and launching it. From the costumes he wears he comes from China and is also a naval commander. The following is an explanation of skills, spellsas well as build items best suited for use by Yi Shun-Shin.

I. Explanation of Yi Shun-Shin’s Skill

Passive Skills

The first is passive skills that is Heavenly Vow. He chooses his arrows or swords to strike according to the distance from the opponent or target. When Yi Shun-shin uses the sword at close range to attack the opponent, it will give more Damage and also give slow on target. Naval Fleet will be launched at the base and strengthen it and he can ride Turtle Ship so that Movement Speed its faster.

Skill 1

Next Skill 1is One-wave Sweep i.e. Using Sword and slashing forward while jumping backwards, dealing 160 (+50% Total Physical attack) points Physical Damage against the opponent while lowering Movement speed them as much as 40% for 2 seconds. When Yi is on the skateboard, his skateboard will hit the target and deal 200 (+80 total Physical attack) points Physical Damage against the first opponent hit and other nearby enemies, giving effect stun to them for 1.5 seconds. Skills it has cooldown for 10.5 and using where as much as 70

Skill 2

Next skill 2 that is Blood Floods i.e. shoot arrows with full power by being detained until level the bar reaches its maximum which gives 160 (+100 Total Physical attack) points Physical Damage against the opponent and also gives a slow effect. Arrow strike distance and Damage according to time charge-his. First opponent hit Hit accept Damage full, the next opponent receives 20% Damage lower and so on, up to 60% Damage lower. When charging, Movement speed will be reduced less. Skills it has cooldown for 10.0 seconds and use where as much as 70

Skill 3

Mountain Shocker is a skill Ultimate who rules Naval Fleet to launch an attack Three-Wave of fire arrows. Every wave attack will deal 165 (+35% Total Physical attack) points Physical Damage and will also give slow on the opponent. In addition, the function of skills Yi Shun-shin’s ultimate can also help find out where the enemy is. Skills it has cooldown for 60.0 and using where as much as 170.

II. Build Items Yi Shun-Shin

The following is items The best currently used by global top 1 Yi Shun-shin. Which is currently held by the flagged ID Turkey with 254 match and the winning percentage reached 89.4%:

III. Item Description Yi Shun-Shin

1. Boots Wizard

Items first recommended is wizard bootsbecause it will add 300 mobile phone which has the uniqueness of +40 movement speed and passive 80 gold will be given every assistit’s good to add savings gold for build items other.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

The next is demon hunter swordbecause items it will give +35 Physical Attack and 25% Attack Speed which have skills passive i.e. basic attacks will deal 10% of mobile phone current target as additional physical damage (up to 60 against monsters) and every basic attack give 4% Health Stealing for 40 seconds and can be used up to 3 times.

3. Scarlet Phantom

Items third is Scarlet Phantombecause it has a Unique-Frenzy Passive function: Crit Strike increase Attack Speed Hero 25% and Crit Strike Rate 5%, for 2 seconds. Besides that items this also adds +30 Physical Attack+40% Attack Speed and +10% Crit. Chance.

4. Berseker Fury

Items The next is furybecause it has Uniqueness: +40% Crit. damage, Unique Passive-Doom: Crit. Strike will improve Physical Attack 5%, for 2 seconds. Besides that items it also adds +65 . attack Physical Attack and +25 Crit. Chance.

5. Haa’s Claw

For the fifth is haa’s claw because it gives +70 Physical Attack and have skills passive that is 20% Lifesteal and armpits mobile phone drops below 40%, the hero will receive an additional 10% lifesteal physical.

6. Rose Gold Meteor

For the sixth this item can be taken which has +60 Physical Attack+30 Magic RES and 5% Lifesteal which have skills passive that is getting a shield that can absorb 510-1350 damage (increases with level).

IV. Battle Spells For Yi Shun-Shin

For battle spellsYi Shun-shin can use inspire agar attack speed becomes very fast which makes attacks from distance and close range even more painful.

Hopefully, with this guide and explanation about Yi Shun-shin’s build & spells, it will make you better and keep winning when playing solo or when playing ranked with your friends.

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