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Best Build Items & Spells Pharsa Mobile Legends

Pharsa is hero The mage who is always accompanied by his partner in the form of a white bird like a dove named verri and holds a stick whose tip is shaped like a red sun. Pharsa herself is shaped like a woman whose eyes are covered with a cloth that has a sun motif like the tip of her stick. Pharsa has ultimate which is very scary and which is very helpful when warBesides ultimate skills nya, pharsa is also equipped with skill skills others, here is a full explanation of skills, spellsas well as build the best for Pharsa.

I. Explanation of Skills Pharsa

Passive Skills

First is passive skills which are called Spiritual Unitywith the ability that every once in a while verri becomes fashionable hunting where pharsa gives extra 200 (+80% Total Magic Power) and slows down the opponent targeted by the pharsa so that it is more difficult for the opponent to run from the pharsa.

Skill 1

The next is skill 1 pharma i.e. Wings by Wings with the ability to turn the pharsa into mist around Verri and fly over the area for 5 seconds. Pharsa will return to her original form when she is hit crowd control. And also has a passive effect that gives Magic Power permanently by 30.

Skill 2

Continue to skill 2 that is Energy Impact which has the effect of removing Magic Energy and gives 350 (+130% total Magic Power) against an opponent who is aligned or in line when hit skills this. Will get sicker when exposed skills this is when the level is higher.

Skill 3

And the last is Ultimate skills her or skills the ultimate that is Feathered Air Strike which has area effect with Pharsa flying into the air and launching bombardments at the target area and dealing 500 (+150% total Magic Power) for 13 seconds, the effect will hit more than one opponent with the condition that it must be in the area affected by the bombardment.

II. Build Items Pharsa

The following are the best items that are also used by top global Pharsa. Which is currently held by the Italian-flagged ID with a total of 668 matches and a win rate of 76.5%.

III. Explanation About Pharsa Items

1. Lightning Truncheon

For items this can be taken the first time by giving 75 Magic Power and 30 where’s Regen and also items it has a passive effect i.e. every 6 seconds, ability chance Magical Hero which uses items it will increase and increase. MAX 3 opponents will receive 150% damage Magic Power Damage.

2. Arcane Boots

Items the next one to choose from is items type movement which has the effect of adding 15 Magical PEN and 40 Movement Speed. The unique passive of this item is: when it helps kill the enemy or gives assistpharsa will get a prize of 80 gold.

3. Holy Crystal

The third one can wear items this by giving effect 90 Magic Power. Items This has a passive effect in the form of: giving 25% Magic Power and after giving hit hit the target, magic attack will increase 15%, then skills which is issued next will end this effect and last for 3 seconds with time cooldown for 10 seconds.

4. Concentrated Energy

Items which in turn will have an effect on hero which uses items this is 70 Magic Power and 700 mobile phone and also has a passive effect of 30% Spell vamp i.e. regenerate mobile phone by 10% after killing hero. So items it’s almost the same as Lifesteal but the difference lies in having to kill hero first just regenerate, for lifesteal themselves do not have to kill, onlyhit only and applies to minions and Buff monsters.

5. Devil Tears

More from items for pharsa i.e. give 65 Magic Power and accompanied by a unique 40% Magical PEN that is blocking Magic Damage about hero this. And also has a passive effect when mobile phone 70% higher than mobile phone total, then you will get a bonus Magical PEN by 30%. So this hero if you have mobile phone more than 70% will have a total of 70% Magical PEN so that hero it can fend off attacks Magic Damage from the enemy is better than mobile phone below 70%.

6. Blood Wings

And the last one for items This Pharsa will give effect 150 magic power and 150 mobile phone which has a passive effect that is adding 2 mobile phone for every 1 Magic Power which is owned hero this. Until the moment Magic Power increases, then mobile phone will also increase.

IV. Battle Spells For Pharsa

For battle spells, Pharsa is suitable for using items Flicker. Because it can help Pharsa move from one place to another easily, even though Pharsa has the skill to escape, Pharsa also needs these spells because Pharsa is the hero most often targeted by enemies to kill.

Hopefully, with this guide and explanation about Pharsa’s build & spells, it will make you even better and keep winning when playing both solo and when playing with your friends.

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