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Best Build Items & Spells Jhonson Mobile Legends

Mobile legends is a MOBA game that is currently trendy in all circles, both among children and adults, such as games MOBA in general, mobile legends have a lot hero that can be used, there are about 58 herobut in this article we will discuss and explain build items to the best battle spells used by Johnson.

Johnson is hero type tank which used to be less desirable for use by the player mobile legend, but after Moonton me rework Johnson, be it from skin until skill skills that he has, slowly Johnson began to be widely used by pleyer mobile legend the reason is because Johnson can be said to be a very difficult hero to kill because he has very thick blood plus does not use mana, here is an explanation of skill spells and build latest Johnson.

I. Explanation of Johnson’s Skill

Passive Skills

Starting from passive skills it is Electro-airbag where when jhonson’s HP is below 30%, he will issue shield or absorbent shield damage based on quantity armorhis, shield it will last for 10 seconds, shield will only exit once and takes a certain amount of time.

Skill 1

And skill 1 that is Deadly Pincersin skills this the jhonson will throw his wrench in a specific direction, and will give 200(+150% total armor) magic damage to the opponent who is hit by the throw, and also the enemy will be hit stun when hit by the key. This skill has cooldown for 9.0 seconds

Skill 2

Next skill 2 that is Electromag Raysin skills This time Johnson will raise the shield in his hand and the shield will emit a light that will give 80(+20% total armor) magic damage also slow down speed against. Basic attacks and deadly pincers can still be used when skills this is used. Skills it has cooldown for 11.0 seconds.

Skill 3

And the last ultimate skills it is Rapid Touchdownin skills this jhonson will turn into a mustang car. Teammates can also ride in the car and go forward with Johnson, but only one friend can get inside. It will also give a passive effect in the form of increasing armor from Johnson by 10%. And the car explodes when it hits the wall and the enemy, if it hits the enemy it will give a stun effect for 0.5 seconds to 1 second. And will give 300(+90% total magic power)-750(+225% total magic power) Magic damage according to the speed of the car. After crashing and exploding, the ground will be electrified which will give effect slow and magic damage by 80(+20% total magic power) to enemies in the area. Skills it has cold down for 53.0 seconds.

II. Build Items Johnson

The following is items best used by global top Johnson.

III. Explanation of Johnson’s Items

1. Warrior Boots

Items The first thing you have to buy is shoes.”warrior boots” because items this will add +22 armor and +40 movement speedunique passive from items This means that physical defense will increase by 5 with a number of attacks received by Johnson, to increase to 25 points and will last for 3 seconds. Johnson must buy items this in the first due to add movement speed from Johnson himself.

2. Blade Armor

Items the second one is Blade Armor, items it will add armor or +90% protection and items it has a unique passive in the form of giving 25% of the opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to the attacker when the basic attack is received, meaning that if hit enemy, that enemy will also be hit hit.

3. Athena’s Shield

Items third is athens’s shield, items this will give an additional +900 HP, +56 magic RES+20 HP Regeneration and the advantages of items this is going to provide an absorbent shield damage if not attacked within 30 seconds, and the number of shields received will increase as the match progresses.

4. Oracle

Items fourth is Oracle, item This is very good because it will make HP thicker because items this will give +850 HP, +36 magic RES+35 HP regen and +10% Cooldown reductionthe advantage is that within 4 seconds after being attacked, the hero will regen 8% HP but this effect has time to cooldown.

5. Adventist Demons

Items fifth is demon’s adventbecause items this will add +950 HP, +54 armor+30 HP regen.

6. Dominance Ice

And that items The last thing to buy is dominance icebecause items this will add +500 where+70 armor+5 critical chance and will add cooldown reduction as much as +15%. And good items this can reduce movement speed 5% enemy and attack speed by 30% if moderate war with Johnson’s bangs.

IV. Battle Spells For Johnson

Battle spells which is suitable for use for Johnson is Flicker because movement speed from Johnson is quite slow if you want to run from the crowd of his enemies. And spell This can also be used to set the right position to start crashing his car into the enemy.

Hopefully with this guide and explanation about Johnson’s build items & spells, it will make you better and keep winning when playing both solo and when playing with your friends.

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