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Best Build Items & Spells Hilda Mobile Legends

Hilda is hero which have Multiplay role that is Fighter and Tank. Hero It is very strong and is able to make its opponent unable to fight it because it has Durability almost perfect and Offence which is quite good. In addition, Hilda’s advantage is that she can HP regen hers in the bushes, so to fill Hilda’s blood there’s no need to retreat to base but it can only be in the bushes, besides that the bushes can also add movement speed from hilda. The following is an explanation of skills, spellsand build Hilda’s best.

I. Explanation of Hilda’s Skill

Passive Skills

The first is passive skillsit is Blessing of Wilderness With speed HP regen Hilda increased when she was in the bushes. Upon entering the bush it will give it a shield for 5 seconds, which will suck a certain amount of Damage equal to 10% of mobile phone the maximum. This effect can only be triggered for 10 seconds, when mobile phone drops below 30%, he will gain the ability HP regen the good one. This effect can only be triggered every 120 seconds. So Hilda doesn’t have to back down when her blood runs out, just go to the bushes and Hilda’s blood will automatically increase slowly.

Skill 1

Next skill 1 is named Combat Ritual i.e. activating the power Rune great sword which increases Movement Speed Hilda by 30% for 3 seconds. With additional boost Damage given in the next basic attack as much as 200 (+100% Total Physical attack) points of basic attack on the target and slow down the opponent. When the opponent is behind the target will receive 120(+60% Total Physical attack) points of basic attack so that more than one opponent is also taken damage from Hilda. This skill is very good when you want to chase enemies because the movement of Hilda will be faster because of activating this skill.

Skill 2

Next skill 2 named Art of Hunting that is locking one opponent to the target to be beaten. Skills can be used up to a maximum of 3 times. Attack the second will deal Damage around the opponent, Attack third will Knockback target and circle the opponent for a while, each time dealing 120 (+90% Total Physical attack) points of basic attack.

Skill 3

The last one is Ultimate skills that is Power of Wildness with Hilda jumping in front of the target and slashing heavily and dealing 700 (+200% Extra Physical attack) and resulted in stun temporary. Deals 60% of basic attacks to Hilda when near an opponent. Every time Hilda gets kill or assist will improve power of wildness and increases his basic attack by 40 and increases stack up to 10 times. The damage will increase to 80 and 40% of the basic defense will be forgotten when stack reach the maximum limit.

II. Build Items Hilda

The following are the best items currently in use by the global top 1 Hilda. Which is currently held by the Malaysian-flagged ID with 1055 match and a winning percentage of 70.1%:

III. Explanation of Hilda’s Items

1. Warrior Boots

The first item that Hilda suggested was a shoe item Warrior Boots whose function gives +22 armor and has the uniqueness of adding movement speed by 40. Passive physical defense will increase by 5 from the attack received to an increase of 25 points that lasts up to 3 seconds.

2. Cursed Helmet

For further items both Hilda can take items Cursed Helmet whose function alone gives 920 mobile phone and 50 Magic RES which have skills passive that is giving 1.5% of Total mobile phone Becomes Magic Damage per second to his closest opponent.

3. Oracle

Next to items third hilda can buy Oraclebecause it will add +850 mobile phone+36 magic RES+35 HP regen+10 cooldown reduction. and unique passive from items this is if within 4 seconds after being attacked, Hilda will regen 8% mobile phone. but this effect has cooldown for 6 seconds.

4. Athena’s Shield

And the fourth take the item athens’s shield because items it gives +900 HP, +56 magic RES, +20 HP regen and the unique passive of this item is getting damage-Absorbing shield every 30 seconds. The amount of shield absorption will increase as the match progresses. max 1150.

5. Immortality

And next for items the fifth Hilda suggested to take items Immortal which is useful to give 800 mobile phone and 40 Magic RES which have skills i.e. rise from the dead after 2 seconds and will get mobile phone also shield which can absorb 300 – 1000 points of attack, shield will last for 3 seconds. Cooldown this effect 180 seconds.

6. Bloodthirsty King

And for the last time Hilda can take the item bloodthirsty king, because this item will give +1550 and the unique passive of this item will kill or help regenerate 20% of mobile phone heroes in 2 seconds. 10 seconds cooldown. so it’s very good for Hilda who will make her blood never run out.

IV. Battle Spell For Hilda

For Battle Spells her, Hilda is superior to using stun because it can be used in one-on-one conditions and can also be used in conditions open war so that it can make it easier for him to attack or escape.

Hopefully with an explanation builds & spells This Hilda can increase your knowledge so that you can win continuously when playing solo or ranked with your friends.