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Best Build Items & Spells for Lolita Mobile Legends

Lolita is a tank type hero, Lolita herself is a tank with a small appearance unlike other tanks, even though she has a small stature, Lolita also cannot be underestimated because Lolita also has skill skills who are qualified and can be said to also have a Giant Mechanical Hammer which is dangerous. In addition, lolita is equipped with skill skills that supports it as a tank, the following is an explanation of skills, spellsas well as build best suited for use by Lolita.

I. Explanation of Lolita Skill

Passive Skills

For passive skills Lolita is named Noumenon Energy Core, skills this itself is Passive when Lolita doesn’t accept Damage for 5 seconds in a rowNoumenon Energy Core will refill slowly, giving Lolita and her companions around Shield while when Max Charge.

Skill 1

For skill 1 Lolita has skills Charge which has its own function Charge in a predetermined direction, then increase Damage and distance Basic Attack in the next 5 seconds and Movement Speed target is reduced by 20% upon hit Hit. This skill itself requires Cooldown for 10 seconds and takes Where’s Cost as much as 70.

Skill 2

And next for Skill 2 Lolita is here Guardian’s Bulwark. This skill itself is useful when Lolita lifts Shield to block all Basic Attack long range and projectiles. After the Shield disappears, Tap the skill again to fire Energy Blast. Energy Blast give 400(+50% Total Physical Attack) up to 800(+100%Total Physical attack)points from Physical Damage on the first target hit Hit and opponents around. For this skill itself requires Cooldown for 17.5 and Where about 90

Skill 3

And the last Ultimate skills called Noumenon Blastthis skill itself requires cooldown for 48.0 and requires 120 mana. Instantly gives passive effect Shield. Then after charging for 2 seconds, giving 350(+100 Total Physical attack) points from Physical Damage in a conical area in front of Lolita. When chargingopponent in the distance Basic Attack will be reduced Movement Speedit is 75%.

II. Lolita Items Build

The following are the best items currently in use by the global top 1 Hanabi. Which is currently held by an England-flagged ID with 500 match and the winning percentage is 78.6%

III. Explanation of Lolita Items

1. Warrior Boots

For items The first one that Lolita picked up was items shoe Warrior boots, items this itself works adding +22 Armor and uniqueness: +40 Movement speed and Unique-Valor Passive: Physical defense will increase by 5 with multiple attacks received, for an increase of up to 25 points.

2. Athena’s Shield

And next for items the second Lolita can take Athena’s Shield item whose function itself adds +900 mobile phone+56 Magic RES+20 mobile phone Regen is also Unique Passive-Shield: Gaining Damage-Absorbing Shield every 30 seconds. Amount Shield Absorption increases with the target attack.

3. Demon’s Advent

For the third can buy Demon’s Advent which functions alone for Unique Passive-Deter: When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce its attack power by 6%. This effect lasts for 2 seconds. Besides that Demon’s Advent items also added +920 power mobile phone+54 armor, +30 mobile phone Regen.

4. Immortality

For further items fourth, Lolita can take items Immortal whose function is Unique Passive-Immortal: Resurrect after Death 2 seconds After death and Gain mobile phone and Shield it Can Absorb 300-1000 Points from enemy, Immortal alone gives an additional +800 mobile phone+40 Magic RES.

5. Oracle

Next to items the fifth, Lolita is advised to take Oracle items whose function is Unique Passive-Scream: Within 4 seconds after being attacked, Hero will regenerate 8% mobile phone. This effect has 6 seconds of time cooldown. Besides that Oracle also give +850 mobile phone+36 Magic RES+35 HP Regen+10% Cooldown Reduction.

6. Bloodthirsty King

For items the last one Lolita can take Bloodthirsty King items whose function alone is for Unique Passive-Bloodthirsty: Kills or assists in regenerating 20% ​​of mobile phone heroes in 5 seconds. 10 seconds cooldown and also added +1550 MOBILE PHONE.

IV. Battle Spell For Lolita

For the battle spells, Lolita can choose the spells Flicker whose function itself can be used in critical conditions in either by 1 or by open war because it can be used directly to move places quickly.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation about builds & spells This Lolita will make you better and make you win continuously when playing both solo and when playing with your friends.

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