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Best Build Items & Spells for Hanabi Mobile Legends

Hanabi is hero new which has type Marksmaneven though hanabi hero type MM Hanabi himself has the appearance of a ninja assassin woman, this character is hero what Mobile Legends players have been waiting for because skills its dangerous. In his skills, Hanabi has similarities to the previous heroes, namely Odette and Ourora. The following is an explanation of the skills possessed by Hanabi.

I. Explanation of Skill Hanabi

Passive Skills

For passive skills Hanabi herself has skills called Equinox, skills this passive is a secret technique Scarlet Shadow. Moment mobile phone Hanabi is in full condition, 50% of mobile phone will be received from lifesteal will be changed to Shield which can withstand up to 20% of Max mobile phone-his. When Shield it’s active, Hanabi will Immune to any effect.

Skill 1

And next for skill 1 that is Petal Barrage. Hanabi will use Where to let go Flower Demon locked in Higanbana. Add Petals Blade towards the enemy. After every basic attack, Blade will appear and give 30% physical damage to the enemy. Then add 3 Petals (Damage will be generated when the Petals move well will decrease). Hanabi earns 7% lifestealwhich can increase by 3% each time the Level of skills this in-Upgrades.

Skill 2

For skill 2 there is Soul Scroll, skills this requires Cooldown for 12.0 and Where around 35 that serve as Fire Kunai in a certain direction. Attached to scroll which is locked by adding Demonic Flower. And gives 300(+80% Total physical attack) Physical Damage to enemies attacked in that path and slows them down by 60% for 2 seconds. Hanabi will get back 140 Where every time Hero affected Skills this

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate whose name is Higanbana, skills this requires Cooldown for 40.0 and Where by 120. When the flowers bloom, the leaves will be forgotten. Hanabi manages to unlock the Higanbana and shoots it at the opponent. After successfully attacking the opponent, Higanbana will bloom and give 400(+100 Total physical attack) Physical Damage and Immobilize opponent for 2 seconds then scatter towards the nearest opponent and give Damage and effects Immobilize the same one. The scattering effect of flowers only works once at a time heroes.

II. Build Items Hanabi

The following are the best items currently in use by the global top 1 Hanabi. Which is currently held by the Malaysian-flagged ID with 335 matches and a winning percentage of 53.1%:

III. Item Description Hanabi

1. Endless Battle

For items the first one can buy items Endless Battle, items it has a unique passive in the form of: After using skills Basic. Items this alone gives a power of +65 Physical Attack+25 Where’s Regen+250 mobile phone+10% Cooldown Reduction+5% Movement speed and +15 lifesteal.

2. Swift Boots

For items the second one can use items shoe Swift Boots which works to give +15% Attack Speed and has uniqueness: +40 Movement speed which is used to increase speed in running to avoid and chase enemy targets

3. Berserker Fury

Next to items the third is recommended to buy items This is because items it has Uniqueness: +40% Crit. DamageThe unique passive of this item is: Crit. Strike will improve Physical Attack 5%, for 2 seconds. Besides that items it also adds +65 . attack Physical Attack and +25 Crit. Chance.

4. Windtalker

And to items the fourth one can take Windtalker because this item has a unique passive in the form of: After doing 4 Basic Attack, Basic Attack next will give 100 Magic Damage. Besides that Windtalker also gives strength in the form of +25% Attack Speed+20 Movement speed+20% Crit. Chance

5. Scarlet Phantom

Next to items the fifth can take the Scarlet Phantom because in this item there is a Unique Passive-Frenzy: Crit Strike increase Attack Speed Hero 25% and Crit Strike Rate 5%, for 2 seconds. Besides that items this also adds +30 Physical Attack+40% Attack Speed and +10% Crit. Chance

6. Blade of Despair

For items last bought blade of despair because items This has the advantage of Unique Passive-Despair: Deals an additional 10% of enemy damage on every abnormal attack and also adds +170% Physical Attack and +10% Attack Speed.

IV. Battle Spells For Hanabi

For battle spells nya, Hanabi can choose spells fury or inspire because Marksman which is identical to its passive attack with the speed used to attack enemies, minions, farming, and push towers.

Hopefully, with this explanation of Hanabi’s build items & spells, it can increase your knowledge so that you can continue to win when playing solo or ranked with your friends.

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