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Best Build Items & Spells Estes Mobile Legends

Estes herself is a hero type support or healing or the language of his fellow healer. Estes himself is also effective and very useful in open war conditions because skill 1 and his ultimate are very instrumental in giving back blood for teammates, and the following is a review of skills Estes.

The following is a complete explanation of skills, spellsas well as build the best for Estes.

I. Explanation of Skill Estes

Passive Skills

The first is passive skills what Estes has is The Code of Mon Elves, skills this passive self will charge energy to Estes slowly. When reaching the maximum stacking layer, will increase the next Basic Attack, dealing 450(+150% Total Magic Power) points from Magic damage and will also give effect slow against the enemy. Damage will bounce and give 225(+75 Total Magic Power) points from Magic Damage against the nearest opponent.

Skill 1

Next, we will discuss about skill 1 on Estes that is Moonlight Immersionin skills this Estes can recover 260(+30% Total Magic Power) points from mobile phone to target directly and connect Estes to her friend for 3 seconds which will recover 325 (+37.5% Total Magic Power) points from mobile phone to target slowly. Connecting yourself with friends will also increase speed Charging Energy from Code of Moon Elves. But in this skill, you can’t go too far with your friends because it will disconnect the recovery connection. Toheal yourself or allies, use this skill when mobile phone half, don’t use it too often because your mana will run out soon. This skill has a cooldown of 11.0 seconds and consumes 110 mana mana

Skill 2

And further skill 2 that is Domain of Moon Gooddess. Skills it has cooldown: 12.0 dan Where’s Cost: 80. Flood of moonlight fall in a specific area in the form of a circle and will give 350(+70% Total Magic Power) points from Magic Damage against opposing units. After that, it turned into a field from Moon Goddess. The opponent will receive the effect slow when they touch the shield of the terrain area.

In warcan also be added with a combo skills 2 to make slow opponents so that they can support teammates tohit the opponent is easier and also skills this can be used to slow down enemies who want to escape.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimateher name is Blessing of Moon Goddess, skills this itself can be transformed into Saint King of Moonlight for 8 seconds and increase Moonlight Immersion. After removing Blessing of Moon GoddessEstes will release moonlight immersion weak to surround a teammate Hero. Skills It’s better if it’s taken out in good condition open war because it can be useful for all colleagues to stay strong to keep moving forward in winning open war the.

II. Build About Estes Items

The following are the best items currently used by Top Global Estes. Which is currently held by Id with the Indonesian flag with 1863 Match with a winning presentation of 52.1:

III. Explanation of Estes Items

1. Boots Wizard

The first item that is recommended to buy is Wizard Boots because items this adds +300 mobile phoneuniqueness +40 Movement Speed and Unique passive from items This is in the form: when helping a friend kill an enemy, Estes will get 80 gold. So it is very suitable for estes who incidentally is a support.

2. Enchanted Talisman

Items second is Enchanted Talisman, items this will add +50 magic power+250 mobile phone and +20% Cooldown reductionand the unique passive of items this is to be able to give which regen by +10% every 10 seconds. This is very suitable to buy at the beginning games because Estes is very wasteful in use where his.

3. Winter Trucheon

For items third can buy Winter Truncheon, because items this can add +60 Magic Power and +50 armor, and items it has a unique passive in the form of: when mobile phone estes below 30% and estes exposed hit enemy, the enemy will be affected by the drop effect movement speed by 80%. And when Estes is hit hit enemy type magicthe enemy will also be hit by 50% of magic power. But this effect has cooldown for 5 seconds.

4. Dominance Ice

And the fourth is recommended for Dominance Ice because it will give +500 Where+70 armor+5 Crit. Chance Reduction and unique passive from items this is able to weaken the attack speed of 30% of nearby enemies. Items defense which is suitable for estes because of the unique passive of items this can support the aesthetics of being a support.

5. Athena’s shield

The fifth item is Athena’s Shield, because this item will give +900 HP, +56 magic RES, +20 HP regen, and this item has a unique passive in the form of getting damage every 30 seconds and the amount shield absorption increases as the match progresses, Can reach 1150. Defense items the second one that was bought so that the estes blood is a little thick because in most games when using estes, estes is the most targeted by enemies because he is a blood supplier for his friends when they are dying.

6. Bloodthirsty King

And the last one recommended is Bloodthirsty King, because items it will give +1550 mobile phone and unique passive from items this is when killing enemies or giving assist then estes will get 20% HP regen in 5 seconds. But have cooldown for 10 seconds.

IV. Battle Spells For Estes

For battle spellsher, Estes is recommended to use spell flicker because estes is a hero that is used only to play safe because this hero is synonymous with protecting yourself and protecting teammates.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation about builds & spells This test will make you even better and make you win continuously when playing both solo and when playing with your friends.

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