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Best Build Items SAVAGE & Spells Moskov Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a games based on mobile phones which are currently trending both among children and adults, such as games MOBA in general, Mobile Legends has a lot hero that can be used, there are about 58 herobut in this tutorial we will discuss and explain about build items to the best battle spells which is used by Moscow.

Moscow is hero marksman type, hero this is very difficult to master for some player only because he can be said to have thin blood, extravagant where at the beginning games and ultimate which is difficult to direct towards the enemy, in addition to its shortcomings, Moscow has advantages including: hero this is very lively plus he has skills 1 in the form of can teleport to a specific position, also he has skills who can menstun the enemy if directed properly and correctly, besides that Moscow is also equipped with skills qualified, here’s a review of skills, spells & build items Moscow.

I. Explanation of Moskov Skills

Passive Skills

Starting from passive skills that is Spear of Quiescencesin skills this moskov will shoot his spear at the enemy that can penetrate and hit the enemy behind him with a bonus damageif basic attack successfully hit the opponent, will reduce cooldown from abyss walker and spear of death of 0.7 seconds.

Skill 1

Skill 1 it is Abyss Walker, in this skill moskov will use the power of shadow and move to a specific position. And it will increase attack penetration ability and also increase 20% attack speed, for 2 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 7.5 seconds and uses 80 mana.

Skill 2

Next skill 2 that is Spear of deathmoskov will attack the enemy with full power, and will deal 140(+40% total physical attack) points from physical damage also skills it will give effect knockback. If the bouncing target hero hits another enemy, then both of them will get an additional physical attack of 210(+60% total physical attack) points from physical damage also give effect stun for 1 second, and if the enemy is bounced towards an object such as a wall he will be hit stun for 2 seconds. Skills it has cooldown for 12.0 seconds and use where as much as 80.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate her name is Spear of Destructionmoskov will throw a large spear that has a very long range and will deal 480(+140% total physical attack) points from physical damage. And also every opponent who hits this spear will increase 10 points from physical attack to moskov, piled up to 5 times for 8 seconds. Skills it has cooldown for 140 seconds and use where as much as 130.

II. Build Items Moscow

Here are recommendations items The best moskov that is also used by the top 1 global moskov is warpath with matches reaching 1979 and a win rate of 89.4%. but in build this item makes moskov’s defense less but this item will make physical attack and attack speed moskov becomes super hot:

III. Explanation of Moskov Items

1. Swift Boots

Items first is swift bootsbecause items this will increase +15% attack speed which will make moskov attacks faster and also of course this item will increase +40% movement speed.

2, Scarlet Phantom

Items The next is Scarlet Phantom, items in is very suitable for moskov because it will give +30% physical attack+40% attack speedand also +10% critical damage. So Moskov’s spear attack becomes even more powerful items it has skills passive in the form of: attack speed will increase by 25% and critical strike rate 5% for 2 seconds if successful hit enemy and succeed critical.

3. Haas’s Claws

The next is Haas’s claws, lifesteal items this will add +70 physical attack+20% Lifestealand when mobile phone drop below 40% hero will receive an additional 10% lifestael physical. So items This is very mandatory for Moscow because it is very useful.

4. Berserker’s Fury

Items the fourth is berserker’s Furyit will increase +65 physical attack+25% critical chanceand when the moskov succeeded critical will add +40% critical damage also added physical attack by 5%, for 2 seconds.

5. Rose Gold Meteor

Items The next is rose gold meteor. Items this will give +60 physical attack+30 Magic RES+5% Lifesteal and unique passive from items this is when the moskov’s blood is less than 30%, it will raise a shield that will absorb damage between 510-1350 and will increase according to level.

6. Blade of Despair

And the last is Blade og despairbecause items this will give +170% physical attack+10% attack speed and also damage additional 10% if the enemy is hit stun. Items this is placed at the end because the price is quite expensive.

IV. Battle Spells For Moscow

Then for battle spells recommended to use retribution because spells this will speed up the process farming thus making Moskov level up faster and making items on.

Hopefully with the tutorial above, it can increase your knowledge to be wider and make you win continuously when playing solo or playing with your friends.

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