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Best Build Items SAVAGE & Spells Miya Mobile Legends

Miya is hero type marksman with specialist Reapmiya attacks armed moonlight arcer hers. Even now hero this is rarely interested in being used, actually Miya has the potential to be hero who was greatly feared because of his attack speed ability. In addition, miya is also equipped with skill skills who are qualified to attack their enemies, the following is an explanation of skills, spellsas well as build best for Mia.

I. Explanation of Miya’s Skill

Passive Skills

Starting from passive skills it is Turboin skills this Miya will improve attack speed as much as 5% for 4 seconds if basic attack hers hits the target, and this will be accumulated up to 8 times.

Skill 1

Skill 1 hers is Fission Shotwhen skills it is activated every time basic attack Miya will shoot two separate arrows, which will result in 5(+105% total physical attack) points from physical damage to the main target and 30% basic attack damage to other targets, skills it lasts for 4 seconds. Skills it has cooldown for 11.0 seconds and consumes 80 . mana cost.

Skill 2

Next skill 2 that is Rain of arrowsin skills In this case, Miya will shoot her arrows repeatedly into a circular area and produce 5 damage about the enemy. Each attack gains 30(+15% total physical attack) points from physical damage, skills this will slow down the enemy, and if 4 arrow attacks hit the enemy, the enemy will freeze for 1 second. Skills it uses 80 . mana cost and have time cooldown for 10.0 seconds.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate skills her name is Turbo Stealthin skills This Miya can disappear for 1.5 seconds which is used to remove all effects movement-impairing of him. The rate of speed and movement will increase. Skills it has cooldown for 38.0 seconds and consumes 120 . of mana cost. Skills This is good to use to escape or when you want to chase the enemy.

II. Miya’s Best Item Build

And the following are the recommendations for Miya’s best items that are most widely used by Miya’s top globals.

III. Explanation of Miya’s Items

1. Swift Boots

Items Recommended to buy the first time is swift bootsbecause items this will give +15% attack speed and +40% movement speed. other than to add movement speed, items This will also add attack speed, so it’s great to buy early in the game.

2. Haas’s Claws

Items second is haas’s claws,because it will add +70 physical attack+20% lifestealand also if mobile phone drops below 40%, Miya will receive an additional 10% lifesteal physical. Lifesteal Items which is perfect for a Miya because of the extras above.

3. Berserker’s Fury

Next berseker’s furybecause items this will increase +25% critical chance+40% critical damage and +5% physical attack for 2 seconds. Items this was bought to add critical from miya and also this item gives a little extra lifesteal.

4. Demon Hunter Sword

Items the fourth one is demon hunter sword, items it will give +35 physical attack+25% attack speedand the unique passive of items this is every attack that hits the enemy will give health stealing for 4 seconds to 3 times. In addition, this item also helps to farming because it will add 10% damage from mobile phone target (forest monster).

5. Rose Gold Meteor

Items the fifth is rose gold meteorbecause it will add +60 physical attack+30 magic RES+5% lifestealand his unique passive: when mobile phone less than 30%, will spawn a shield that can absorb damage between 510 – 1350 and it will increase according to the level.

6. Blade of Despair

And items the last one is blade of despair, items the final sweetener that can make Miya’s attack faster and sicker, because items it will give +170 physical attack+10% attack speed and the unique passive of this item is if the enemy is affected by effects such as stun, fly up, freeze and so on will add 10% damage attack on the enemy.

IV. Battle Spells Miya

Battle spells used is inspire. Spells this could be combo from ultimate Miya so attack speed which will be generated very quickly, and will kill the enemy in an instant because of the help spells this.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation about builds & spells This Miya will make you better and make you win continuously when playing both solo and when playing ranked with your friends.

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