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Best Build Items SAVAGE & Spells Lesley Mobile Legends

After previously mobile legends had marksman armed shotgun namely clint. Now mobile legends is releasing hero marksman armed with a sniper, she is a long-haired red-haired female Lesley who is very adept at eliminating her enemies from a distance, this hero is very agile because she has skills to disappear. Besides skills to disappear lesley also has skill skills other qualified.

The following is a complete explanation of skills, spellsas well as build the best for Lesley who is often used by top global players.

I. Explanation of Lesley’s Skill

Passive Skills

Starting from passive skills it is Lethal shootin skills This is when Lesley shoots the opponent with basic attack will give 5 energy, and if Lesley doesn’t accept damage for 5 seconds then basic attack the next one will have a longer distance and will give 35% critical chance also give 1.3x damage. use skills anything will reset lethal shoot cooldown.

Skill 1

Skill 1 hers is Master of Camouflagein skills this lesley will camouflage by disappearing for 3 seconds, this will increase movement speedit is 30% and will add physical attack as much as 50. However, if Lesley shoots or is shot by an enemy, it will cancel the camouflage. Skills it will hurt more as it increases level and so items. Skills it has cooldown for 4.0 seconds and consumes 30 energy.

Skill 2

Next skill 2 that is Tactical grenadein skills this lesley will throw tactical grenade forward, which will explode in a fan-shaped area in front of it, this will give damage and knockback the enemy, while Lesley will jump back a little, this will make Lesley dodge and run from her enemy, but when using skills it will cancel ultimate his. Skills it has cooldown for 10.0 seconds and consumes 40 energy.

Skill 3

And the last is skill 3 or the ultimate named ultimate sniperin skills This is Lesley going to fire the sniper. Skills It also has a wide range that can even detect enemies hiding in the bushes like Natalia, unfortunately skills This can only be targeted at 1 enemy and the bullets can also be targeted block by hero other enemies.

II. Lesley’s Best Item Build

And the following is a recommendation for Lesley’s best items that are most used by fans global top Lesley.

III. Description of Lesley’s Items

1. Swift Boots

Items The first thing to buy is Swift boots, items this will give +15% attack speed and +40% movement speed. The good of items this, in addition to enhancing movement speed lesley, items this will also add attack speed her too, so it’s great for Lesley who has attack speed which is quite slow.

2. Endless Battle

Next Endless battle, items this is very suitable for lesley to get lifesteal also mobile phone at the beginning games. And items this alone will give +65 physical attack+25 where is regen+250 mobile phone+10% cooldown reduction+5% movement speedits passive, when lesley takes out skills, attack normal then will increase by 85% physical attack as true damage. But it only lasts for 1.5 seconds, and if the effect is active it will increase by 15%.

3. Berserker’s Fury

Items The third recommended to buy is berseker’s fury, items this will give +65 physical attack+25% critical chanceunique items this will give +40% critical damage and also its unique passive is that it can increase physical attack 5% for 2 seconds. This item is perfect for adding critical for Lesley to get sick again.

4. Windtalker

Items next is windtalker, items this will give +25% attack speed+20 movement speed+20% critical chance. and the uniqueness of items this is when lesley gives basic attack to the enemy 4 times, then there will be additional effects damage as much as 100 magic damage to the enemy. So items this is perfect for lesley as it will add up the whole starting from attack speed, criticaland also movement speed.

5. Melevic Roar

Furthermore, it is recommended to buy Melvic roarbecause items this will give +60 physical attack+40% physical penetrationand the unique passive of items this is basic attack will ignore 20% defense from defensive turret armor and enemies. It means items This is very suitable for Lesley because it can break through turret armor as well as enemies who have armor thick like bang Johnson.

6. Blade of despair

And items The last one I bought was blade of despair, items sweetener in late game which is very jos for some marksman because items it will give +170 physical attack+10% attack speed and unique passive from items This is in the form of providing additional damage by 10% when attacking the affected enemy stunfly up, and so on.

IV. Battle Spells Lesley

The battle spells used are flicker. Why should flicker ? because flicker can help Lesley to escape when captured by the enemy and spells it can also help to keep a distance or determine a save to attack his enemies.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation about build items & spells This Lesley will make you better and make you win continuously when playing solo or with your friends.

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