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Best Build Items SAVAGE & Spells Gord Mobile Legends

Gord is a hero type mage with specialist damage/poke. Gord looked like a magician riding a surfboard. Yes, because according to his background, Gord is from the magical world who from birth has used magic power, Gord can be called a hero mage who is sick because of ultimate which resembles Goku’s kame kameha stance in the Dragon Ball cartoon series. Besides ultimate it’s sick, gord is also equipped with skills qualified, the following is an explanation of skills, spellsas well as build Gord’s best that is often used by global top players.

I. Explanation of Gord’s Skill

Passive Skills

In the passive skills her name is mystic favoritegord will attack the same enemy or target as skills 5 times in a short time and will give extra 200(+120% total magic power) magical damage.

Skill 1

The next is skill 1 named mystic projectilegord will throw magic bomb at the target area and deal 270(+80% total magic power) magic damage to enemies in the area also decreases movement speed as much as 70%, up to 2 seconds. And also if the enemy is in the middle of the area skills this, it will get 30% extra damage in addition to getting hit stun. Skills it has cooldown for 8.0 seconds and consumes 90 . mana

Skill 2

Skill 2 named mystic injunctionin skills this gord will call the corresponding energy field, circular in shape and will give 80(+20% total magic power) magic damage per 0.45 seconds for enemies in the circle. Skills it has cooldown for 8.0 seconds and use where as much as 90

Skill 3

And the last ultimate its flagship named mystic gushas stated above, in ultimate Gord will issue a laser like Goku’s kame kame ha and will give 190(+60% total magic power) magic damage within 0.3 seconds to enemies hit by this laser and will also reduce movement speed them by 10% for 3 seconds. This skill uses 150 mana, and has a cooldown of 34.0 seconds

II. Build Item Gord

And here are the recommendations items best Gord most popular in use by the top global Gord:

III. Explanation of Gord Items

1. Enchanted Talisman

The first item that must be purchased is enchanted talisman because it will add +50 magic power+250 mobile phone and +20% cooldown reduction, items it will also give regen where by +10% every 10 seconds. Due to use where Gord is said to be quite extravagant, therefore Gord needs it items this.

2. Magic shoes

Furthermore, it is recommended to buy magic shoes, items this shoe will give +10% cooldown reduction and unique items this is : will give +40 movement speed. items it is very suitable for gord to reduce cooldown and increase the speed so that gord can spam all skills his.

3. Ice Queen Wand

The third one is ice queen wand, items this will give an additional +75 magic power+15 where is regen+7% movement speedbesides the unique passive of items this is : will slow down movement speed enemy for 3 seconds if the enemy is hit skills from gord, items which is right for the gord to support skill skills his area.

4. Concentrated Energy

The next is concentrated energy, items which will give an additional +70 magic power+700 mobile phone and its unique passive is that it will give +30% spell vamp also regen 10% when it has killed an enemy. Lifesteal Items the right mage for gord to provide additional blood.

5. Holy Crystal

The fifth is recommended to buy holy crystal, items it will give +90 magic powerits uniqueness will add +25% magic power, and unique passive from items this is in the form of : will increase +15% damage for 3 seconds. Items that makes attacks hurt skill skills gord because of the addition above.

6. Devil Tears

And the last one can buy devil tearsbecause items this will add +65 magic poweruniqueness : +40% magic PENand the unique passive of items this: when mobile phone above 70%, unique effect bonus increased by 30%.

IV. Battle Spell For Gord

For battle spells nya, Gord can use flicker because of movement hero It’s very slow, it also avoids getting ambushed gank enemy. Spells this also helps gord find a place to take out skills and its flagship kame ah ultimate.

Hopefully, with this explanation of Gord’s build & spells, it can add to your knowledge so that you can continue to win when playing solo or ranked with your friends.

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