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Best Build Items SAVAGE & Spells Alice Mobile Legends

Alice is hero who acts as Mage with specialist Charge/regenaccording to the story, Alice was the queen who was imprisoned by humans because blood demon was defeated, but thanks to the approval of great dominator, Alice managed to escape from the prison, because of her madness for blood. Alice is now starting to be in demand for in pickbecause skill skillswhich is very painful and disturbing, for example, ultimate skills which can suck the blood of nearby enemies. the following is an explanation of skills, build items best as well spells best used for Alice.

I. Description of Alice’s Skill

Passive Skills

First is passive skills which name is Blood Ancestryin skills this is when the minion dies, it will produce Blood Orbs (usually in the form of red dots) and will be absorbed by Alice, every absorbed will add mobile phone alice permanently by 10. After absorbing 12/30/60 Blood Orbsalice will receive extra upgrade permanently in the form of 10% cooldown reduction10% spell vampand 40 movement speed.

Skill 1

Next skill 1 which name is Flowing Bloodin skills this is alice will fire Crimsom Stream in a certain direction, and gives 350(+180% total magic power) magic damage against the opponent. Skills This can also be used to run away or chase enemies because of its ability to teleport to location stream. Skills it uses 90 . mana cost and have time cooldown for 6.0 seconds.

Skill 2

Then skill 2 named Blood Awe, skills this can immobilize the closest opponent in a circular area for 1.2 seconds, after which the enemy will slow down for 2 seconds and will give 270(+90% total magic power) magic damage to the hit enemy skills this. Skills it uses 90 . mana cost and have time cooldown for 7.0 seconds.

Skill 3

And the last is ultimate skills named Blood Odein skills This flagship, Alice will enter bloodsucking mode, which will give 160(+70% total magic power) points from magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and will charge 50(+15% total magic power) points mobile phone for yourself at the same time. Skills it has time cooldown for 45.0 seconds and consumes 135 . mana cost.

II. Alice’s Build Items

The following are the best items that are widely used by top global Alice.

III. Description of Alice’s Items

1. Concentrated Energy

Items first in recommend is concentrated energybecause it will add +70 magic power+700 mobile phone+30% spell vampand also the unique passive of items this is will regenerate alice’s blood by 10% after killing hero enemy.

2. Warrior Boots

Items second is warrior boots, items it will give +22 armor and of course items this will add +40 movement speed. unique passive from items This is the physical defense will increase by 5 with the number of attacks received, for the increase to 25 points and the effect will last up to 3 seconds. Alice bought this to add armorso that Alice’s defenses are not too fragile.

3. Clock of Destiny

Next can buy clock of destinybecause it will give +60 magic power+615 mobile phone+600 mana, and unique passive from items this is going to add 30 mobile phone and 5 magic attacks every 30 seconds up to 10 times and another unique passive : if time is fully stacked, then hero will receive 5% magic attack and 300 mana. So items it’s not just adding magic damage only, but will also add mobile phone from alice to make it even harder.

4. Lightning Truncheon

Items The next is lightning trunk because it will add +75 magic poweras well as +30 mana regen, and the unique ability of items this is every 6 seconds when attacking an enemy, the enemy will be affected by an effect such as being struck by lightning which will give 150% magic power damage (max 3 enemies). Items This will make Alice’s attacks even more painful because of the additions above.

5. Holy Crystal

Items the fifth is holy crystal because items this will make alice have more magic damage again, because it will add +90 magic powerand it’s good when skills alice hits the opponent, then magic attack will increase by 15% and to continue to skill skills Next, this effect lasts for 3 seconds with time cooldown for 10 seconds.

6. Blood Wings

And the last one can buy blood wings which works to add +150 magic power and +150 mobile phone. And items it has a unique passive in the form of adding 2 mobile phone for every 1 magic power given to the enemy.

IV. Battle Spells For Alice

For battle spells it is recommended to use flicker,because even though alice has skills 1 that can be used to escape, alice is very prone to death because ultimate who has to get close to the enemy, so it’s very vulnerable when skill skills its cooldown, and when you want to run away.

Hopefully with a guide and explanation about builds & spells This Alice will make you even better and make you win continuously when playing solo or when playing with your friends.

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