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Best Android and PC Data Recovery Apps 2022

Important Files Deleted? Restore with these 9 Android and PC Data Recovery Apps

You must have accidentally made a mistake by deleting photos, videos or files on your cellphone. This is certainly very upsetting, especially if the deleted file is an important document.

But you don’t need to worry, with the sophistication of today’s smartphone technology, restoring deleted data or files is not something difficult. There are several Android and PC data recovery applications that you can try. Anything? Check out the following review.

Android and PC Data Recovery Application

  1. phone

The first android and PC data recovery application is Dr. phone. This application is placed at the top of the list not without reason. Dr. Fone is indeed the most recommended application for recovering lost files from mobile phones. This application can not only restore photos, videos, messages and call records. Dr. Fone can also restore documents in the form of ms. Word, pdf to deleted WhatsApp chats. Sophisticated isn’t it?

How to use it is easy. Just download and install this application on your android then select the menu you want to restore (whether photos, videos, documents or others). Wait for the process to complete and select ‘Recover’. After that, the files that you have deleted will return to their original place.

  1. EaseUS MobiSaver

The EaseUS MobiSaver application can restore all previously deleted data, especially if the cause of the deletion was a virus. This application can also restore files from a reformatted phone. EaseUS MobiSaver also has a large selection of files that can be restored such as jpg, png, gif, mp4, 3gp, avi, mov, doc, txt, pdf files and many more.

It’s also easy, you don’t need a third device to operate it. Just install this application from playstore then run the application according to the command. Find the data you want to restore to your phone and the app will scan it automatically. Select the file you want then click ‘Recovery’ and wait until the process is complete. If you have, the file will automatically return to the folder on your phone.

In addition to Android, this application can also be used on your PC. Just install this app on computer and do some app approval. The steps for restoring files are more or less the same as those done on mobile.

  1. Test Disk

Test Disk is a data recovery application on PC that you can access for free. You just need to download it and install it on your PC. This application can be used on various operating systems such as Windows (Minimum Windows Vista or Windows 2008), Linux to Mac as long as your PC is connected to a stable internet.

This application is proven to be able to restore various files that have been lost from the computer either because they were accidentally deleted, deleted or forcibly deleted by a virus. This application is also an application with a light category because it uses only a small amount of memory. The data recovery process is also done quickly so it doesn’t waste your time.

  1. Undeleter Recover Files & Data

The next application is Undeleter Recovery Files & Data. This application will scan and restore deleted or lost files on the memory card or device memory. This application also supports recovering lost data due to a virus. This application is also capable of restoring an unlimited number of different types of files. Files that are damaged, lost or deleted will later go to Dropbox, Google drive or go to the original folder of the file before it is deleted.

Undeleter can be operated without the help of a third party and also does not require rooting the phone. The drawback of this application is, if the file that is being processed for recovery fails to be restored, then the file will be completely damaged and cannot be restored. But don’t worry, this case rarely happens unless your internet connection is unstable during the process.

  1. Recuva

The Recuva application can be used to restore deleted files on the computer. Not only on the computer’s internal memory, this application can also scan deleted files on hard disks, external memory cards, CDs, DVDs and flash drives.

Many reviewers are satisfied with using this application because it is proven to be able to restore deleted files easily and without cost. The Recuva application does not require installation in its operation, meaning you do not have to install this application on a PC so that it fills your memory.

This application can also be used to restore deleted data on the cellphone, the only way is to connect the cellphone to a computer and run a scan through the computer.

  1. DiskDigger Pro File Recovery

Diskdigger is a deleted or lost file recovery application that you can use easily. This application also does not require a connection to a computer so it is practical to use. Diskdigger Pro File Recovery is available on playstore and you can use it for free. However, free use does not provide many options for the type of data recovery and the amount of data that can be recovered. For more complete facilities, you can subscribe to this application for only Rp. 39,899.

  1. GT File Recovery

The next Android and PC Data Recovery application is GT File Recovery. This application is highly recommended because it is easy to use. GT File Recovery also doesn’t require root activation on the phone. This application is widely recommended because it can perform recovery on various deleted files, both photos, videos, documents, sms to phone records.

How to operate this application is also easy. You just have to install the app from playstore and open it. Select what type of data you want to restore to the phone. After that the application will scan and the files you want to restore will reappear.

  1. Recycle Master

This application actually functions like the recycle bin that is usually on your computer on your phone. This application has a feature to clean files that have been regularly backed up so they don’t fill up your phone’s memory. In addition, this application can also restore files that have been previously deleted.

Just install and open this application from the playstore then the application will automatically scan your phone. Select the file you want to restore, then click on the ‘Recover’ menu, follow it until the process is complete and your deleted files have returned to the original folder.

  1. dumpster

The last application that will be discussed in this article is the Dumpster application which functions the same as the Recycle Bin on a computer. This application offers convenience to you when deleting the wrong files, be it photos, videos, or documents. No need to do backup, no need to root the phone even this app can be used offline. It’s just that some functions do not work properly.

So, that was a complete review of the best easy-to-use Android and PC data recovery applications. Hopefully the information above can help. Good luck and good luck!