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Before Buying Diamond Mobile Legend, Check Out the Complete Explanation Below

Hobby playing Mobile Legend, but choice heroes, skins, and build items in very limited account? Wow, surely your game is not one hundred percent fun. Game on line, like Mobile Legend: Bang-Bang (MLBB), it will be more fun if you can win while being stylish (if you need to be a little arrogant) with hero expensive, skin cool, and build items rare. That’s the reason behind the many player willing buy diamonds Mobile Legends.

However, don’t ever be tempted to buy diamonds Cheap Mobile Legends from illegal sellers! You can regret it. Now, so that you don’t make a wrong step, you must read the full explanation of the diamonds The following Mobile Legends.

About Diamonds Mobile Legends

buy diamond mobile legend shopee

Real world buying and selling transactions cost money. However, in the world online game Mobile Legends, you need diamonds. more and more diamonds what you have, the richer you are.

By having diamonds, you can do many things, including:

  1. Buy heroes, skins, emblem packs, and items exclusive.
  2. Get a chance to play magic wheel.
  3. Make a squad

Very interesting function is not it? That’s why you must have diamonds. There are many ways to get diamonds, ranging from free to paid. Continue reading if you want to know the steps.

Tips for Getting Diamonds Mobile Legends Free

buy mobile legend diamonds using credit

If you’re still unsure about spending money, start with something free. You just need to follow these smart steps to get free diamonds.

Watch live streaming MPL

The first and easiest way is to watch live streaming through the Mobile Legend application provided by developers, Moonton. Just look for features game streaming in your app, then join! If you do this, you have the opportunity to get diamonds free 6 to 5000 units lol.

Become a Moderator in the Mobile Legend Forum

If you are proficient in photo editing or site development, you should try to become a moderator of the Mobile Legend forum. That way, you will receive diamonds for free in return. The number of units given by Moonton will depend on the performance of each moderator.

Participate in Tournaments Hosted by Moonton

For those who don’t know, Moonton is a Mobile Legend developer. Developer it often holds tournaments with prizes diamonds very large, can reach 50,000 units for each member of the winning team. Interested? Keep on sharpening your playing skills!

Taking Opportunities in Diversity Giveaway

The last way is to follow giveaway from various media, such as news portals games and Youtube. Although this method requires a spice of luck, it never hurts to try. Who knew you were hockey?

How to Buy Diamonds Mobile Legends

buy diamond mobile legends google play

Need an instant and easy way? You can buy right away diamonds, or also called top-up. There are many ways and places to fill diamonds Mobile Legends, including:

Buy Diamonds Mobile Legend Use Credit

What provider your phone? Telkomsel, Axis, or Indosat? If provider your cellphone card is one of the three options, you can continue the purchase process diamonds with pulse cutting.

Basically, buy diamonds Mobile Legend using Telkomsel credit same step with buy diamonds Mobile Legend using Indosat credit, or also buy diamonds Mobile Legend uses Axis credit. The first step is that you have to register your mobile number to payment Google Play Store. That way, the pulse cut can be done.

Then, open your Mobile Legend application and click on the image diamonds at the top of the view. Then, select the purchase amount diamonds desired, usually from 11 to 500 units. After that, enter the Google Play Store payment keyword. In the end, the purchase was a success.

How, it’s not difficult is it buy mobile legend diamonds via credit?

Buy Diamonds Mobile Legends Google Play

When buy diamonds Telkomsel Mobile Legends or buy diamonds Mobile Legend uses credit still feels complicated, you can use Google Play Credit.

The first thing to do is to top up your Google Play balance first. The method?

  • Open your Google Play Store app, but make sure you have login.
  • Swipe your phone screen from left to right.
  • Select a payment method. Then, click buy Google Play balance at the convenience store.
  • Find the nominal amount of credit you want to buy, ranging from 10 to 500 thousand.
  • Click “continue”.
  • Select the payment location minimarket (Alfamart or Indomaret).
  • Make payment and you will get a code vouchers Google Play.
  • Reopen the Google Play app and select “redeem” or “change”.
  • Enter code vouchers that you receive and the balance is ready to use.

After your Google Play contains a balance, you can use it to buy diamonds in the Mobile Legend application. However, don’t forget to change the payment method first.

Buy Diamonds Mobile Legend Shopee

For those who are used to shopping on line via Shopee, the following method may be very easy to follow. You just need to make sure user ID and server ID before continuing to Shopee. Check your ID through the account profile in the Mobile Legend application.

Then, follow this guide!

  • Open a Shopee account.
  • Select “Toll, Bills & Tickets” – “Game Vouchers”.
  • Select “Mobile Legends”.
  • insert User ID and Server ID previously noted.
  • Choose a nominal
  • Checkout and select a payment method.
  • Complete the payment. Then, the purchase is complete.

It’s easy? Please try!

Avoid Purchase Diamonds Mobile Legend in Illegal Shop

buy cheap mobile legend diamonds

You have to be careful because some unscrupulous sellers are still circulating freely in cyberspace with the lure of prices below the market. Just so you know, Moonton will take firm action against buyers diamonds from illegal sellers lol. So, what are the sanctions?

  1. Whole diamonds will be withdrawn until the amount in your account is minus. That means you are in a deficit or in debt diamonds to Moonton. If you want to use the purchase feature later, you have to pay off the debt first.
  2. Some or all hero pulled by the manager of Mobile Legend so you can’t use it anymore.
  3. Not allowed to play in ranked matches.
  4. Threatened account-tire temporary, even permanent. For one pro players, this penalty will be very painful. Struggle stalled before the end of the season due to buying negligence diamonds in the wrong place.

You definitely don’t want to be hit by any of the sanctions above, right?

So, do you want free or buy? diamonds Mobile Legends? Whatever it is, you must have stock diamonds in your account.