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Balmond Mobile Legend, Tanker Flavored Fighter Hero with Painful Damage

Have armor and pool health points (HP) big, Balmond Mobile Legend power like hero tanker. He is able to kill opponents with durability height and damage hurt. In fact, Balmond is the type fighter dependent on skills.

This dual role makes Balmond’s durability even higher. It also has a strong attacking ability. Because of that, the hero often relied on as initiator mainstay gamers.

However, behind Balmond’s super strength, there is a dark story that becomes his past. What is Balmond’s story like, its advantages and disadvantages? Then, anything items best for the hero? Check out the following reviews!

The Dark Story of Balmond Mobile Legend 2022

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Once upon a time, the Land of Dawn was inhabited by the Orcs. For 30 years, this nation must be the slave of the Blood Demon who feels himself to be royalty. They also had to serve the Moon Elves.

Tired of the Blood Demon’s treatment, the ancestor of the Orc Nation devised a strategy of rebellion. The war ensued; The Orcs struggled to break free from the Blood Demon’s shackles.

However, the Blood Demon’s power was not easily stifled. As a result, there were many victims of the Orc Nation.

Until one day, Balmond was born in the midst of the chaos of the orcs. Unfortunately, Balmond’s mother died during a battle between the Orcs and the Blood Demons. Not long after, his father died. Because of that, Balmond holds a deep grudge for the death of his parents.

The grudge makes Balmond rage. He became a war leader who was always in the vanguard. Since then, the Orcs won the battle and managed to reclaim their territory.

Balmond Mobile Legend Build Items

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Build items on Balmond focus on support skills and add damage. Besides that, build items make it easy push rank when you play hero the. Here are some items a must have for Balmond.

Cursed Helmet

Cursed helmet has damage capable of destroying anyone near the hero. This item also helps farming rapidly. The reason is, the Cursed Helmet gives +50 Magic Res and +950 HP. If it manages to touch the opponent, the item can deal Magic Damage 1.5% of maximum HP.

Tough Boots

Face late gameBalmond needs a special strategy with tough boots. The purpose of this item is to increase Magic Resistance. The goal is that the opponent’s Crowd Control can be reduced.

Queen’s Wings

Queen’s Wings makes Balmond difficult to beat by opponents. The reason is, this item gives 1000 HP, 15 Physical Attack, and 10% Cooldown Reduction. In fact, when Balmond’s HP was less than 40%, lifestealit increased by 30%.

Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax is suitable for Balmond who needs HP regeneration when attacking. It was because Bloodlust Ax had skills passive spell vamp as much as 20%. Spell vamp this can increase damage Balmonds, especially on skills Ultimate.

Ultimate skill enhancement makes Balmond able to kill opponents with just one attack. In addition, Bloodlust Ax produces 70 Physical Attack and 10% Cooldown Reduction.


Immortality is items who helped Balmond when war team and late games. With items that, sang hero gain an additional +800 HP and +40 armor. In addition, Balmond has a chance to live twice two seconds after death.

Berserker Fury

If you want to get an additional +65 Physical Attack, you must use Berserker’s Fury. This item can also give 25% Critical Chance. Thus, Balmond was able to do killing sheets on his opponent.

Blade Armor

Blade Armor serves to maximize defense Balmond became thicker than before. Supported damage strong, items it was also able to overcome Balmond’s weakness against skills Crowd Control.

Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass is an item that Balmond needs to hold off enemies. Because, hero get additional HP and Physical Defense with this item.

Balmond is also required to use Antique Cuirass when the enemy attacks. With the addition of his Magic Defense, Balmond will not be easily knocked down by attacks.

Strengths and weaknesses Hero Balmond

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Balmond has many advantages that make the opponent’s guts shrink. One of the advantages, namely having the ultimate skill with true damage the big one. Damage true this is generated from the Ultimate Balmond skill. With Ultimate, Balmond can kill the enemy only once combo kill.

Another plus, Balmond has Escape skills outstanding. He is able to catch up to the opponent and dodge his pursuit quickly. Escape skills also helps Balmond move quickly to dash destination.

Not only Escape skillsBalmond is also easy to dominate laning. Because, hero it has durability high and get effect regen HP from passive skills.

Despite being nearly invincible, Balmond has a few flaws. If you are careless, these shortcomings can make the hero destroyed by the opponent. Here are some drawbacks to watch out for.

  • Balmond is weak against hero which has Crowd Control. Even if you have Escape skills good, Crowd Control makes Balmond unable to move fast.
  • Balmonds are easy tocounter when you don’t have items any. It means, hero it totally depends on items.
  • The hero easy to beat when faced with hero which have burst damage. The solution, never leave Balmond alone when fighting hero

How to use Hero Balmond

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Not only pay attention skills and itemsyou should also know Balmond Mobile Legend guide the following.

Keep your distance war

Balmond is often a war opener hero. However, the hero must keep his distance when the enemy begins to appear. The goal is that Balmond is not easily killed by the opponent.

Prioritize Farming

Items become one of Balmond’s main weapons. For that, you must prioritize farming to get items best. Usually, farming used in lanes.

use Skills 2

Skills with damage Big is needed by Balmond to scare the opponent. You can use skills 2, one of which is Cyclone Sweep. With skills With that, Balmond can spin around while swinging his ax

That’s the review about Balmond Mobile Legend, items, skills, weaknesses, strengths, and tips for using it. You already bought skin-his? If not, come on, buy it now at UniPin to beat the opponent.