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Brain Out AnswerBrain Out Games is a game that sharpens the brain for android, this game includes an out of the box game that makes us think that it is unusual to complete tasks at each level. Brain out game has a size of approximately 40mb, and this game has been installed by more than 10 million users on the playstore.


Here is a complete brain out answer key from Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. along with pictures and explanations.

Brain Out Level 1

Question : Find the biggest one (Find the biggest one).

Answer: Choose Watermelon, because in real life watermelons are bigger than Bananas, Strawberries and Apples.

Brain Out Level 2

Question : How many Ducks? (How many ducks are there?).

Answer: Choose No. 9, because the last one or the one on the back is a chick, not a duck.

Brain Out Level 3

Question : Who is the tallest one ? (Who is the tallest?).

Answer: Choose the sun, because the tallest object on the screen is not one of the four animals. But the sun is in the upper left corner of the screen, because it’s technically the tallest object.

Brain Out Level 4

Question : Can you find out the different one? (Can you find a different one?).

Answer: To find a different watermelon, slide and move all the pieces of the watermelon, until you find the one with the bite mark on the end. That’s what’s different.

Brain Out Level 5

Question : Create Rectangles? (Make a Square)

Answer: To create a rectangle, take a rectangle and drag it slightly from the screen until half of it is hidden. That way it will look like a rectangle.

Brain Out Level 6

Question : How many triangles are there in a Pentagram? (How many triangles are in the pentagram?)

Answer: In total there are 11 triangles on the pyramid/pentagram map.

Brain Out Level 7

Question : Find out the largest fire! (Find the Biggest Fire!)

Answer: To make the biggest fire, combine the four fires on the screen to form one biggest fire.

Brain Out Level 8

Question : What’s the number under the parked car? (What number is under the car park?)

Answer: Choose 9. Slide the car out of the way and then press the number that is under the car, in the parking lot itself.

Brain Out Level 9

Question : What mark would you give for this game? (What mark did you give for this game?)

Answer: Select “Full Marks”. Because All other values ​​are too low and will not be accepted.

Brain Out Level 10

Question : Wake up the owl! (Wake the Owl!)

Answer: To wake the owl, Slide the sun out, because the owl wakes up at night.

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Here is a complete brain out answer key from Level 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. along with pictures and explanations.

Brain Out Level 11

Question : Please write down the correct answer. (Please Write Correct Answer)

Answer: Choose 9, The question is to write down the correct answer. So ignore the other calculations, which are all wrong. Therefore 4 + 5 = 9.

Brain Out Level 12

Question : Tap fruits from left to right, Then tap the hexagon, circle and rectangle. (Press Fruit from left to right, then press hexagon, circle, and square.)

Answer: To tap the fruit from left to right, avoid the potato because the potato is not a fruit. Tap the fruit from left to right, then tap the hexagons, circles, and rectangles, ignoring the potatoes. Follow the instructions carefully.

Brain Out Level 13

Question: You have to win the game! (You have to win the game!)

Answer: Press 2 squares at the same time with 2 fingers to make 3 circles arranged in a straight line

Brain Out Level 14

Question: Find the chick! (Find the chicks!)

Answer : To find chicks, Touch and shake all the hen one by one and you will find chicks

Brain Out Level 15

Question: Find the darkest color! (Find The Darkest Color!)

Answer: To find the darkest color on the screen, press the words “find the darkest color on the screen” (because it is the blackest text on the screen).

Brain Out Level 16

Question : Count the number of hairs

Answer: The answer is 3, press and drag the wig from the child and the real hair will be visible. There are three strands of hair on his head.

Brain Out Level 17

Question : Help the baby duckling drink water

Answer : To help the ducklings drink water, press and drag the ducklings into the puddle and the ducklings will start drinking automatically.

Brain Out Level 18

Question : Can you solve this question? 1 + 0.7 + 0.3 = ? (Can you answer this question?)

Answer: Move ” _ ” (underscore) in number 1 to the question mark at the end, so the writing becomes (1+0.7+0.3=2).

Brain Out Level 19

Question: Find something you can eat. (Find something for you to eat.)

Answer: To find something you can eat, combine the chair (bottom left corner) and dog footprints (top right corner) so they both look like steaks.

Brain Out Level 20

Question : Animals are having a sport meeting. Bunny, monkey, and pony are racing now. Help bunny to win! (Animals are in a sports competition, Rabbit, Monkey and horse are in a running race. Help the bunny to win!)

Answer: To help the rabbit win the race. Click start, then touch and hold the monkey and the horse with 2 fingers, use the 3rd finger to touch the GO pad to make the rabbit move.