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Active Redeem Code Genshin Impact Until Now

 Until now, there are several redeem Code Genshin Impact that are still active. Of course, you can claim the redeem code and get attractive prizes in the form of Primogem and other items.

Well, this time Gamedaim will try to share some redeem codes that are still active until now. Curious what the details are like? Let's see the following article to the end.

Redeem the Genshin Impact Code that is Still Active

Referring to the available information , there are 2 Genshin Impact redeem codes that you can claim now. The two redeem codes are:



The first code will give you 60 Primogem and also 5 Adventurer's Experience. Meanwhile, the last code gives you 50 Primogems and 3 Hero's Wits. Just for the record, GENSHINGIFT is a permanent redeem code and will continue to exist.

So, you can claim the redeem code whenever you want. Meanwhile, this latest code will be available on February 16, 2022. Even so, you can still claim the prizes contained in this redeem code.

How to Claim

Even though you already know the redeem code, there are still many who don't know how to use the code. Well, you don't need to be confused because we will share how to claim the code.

Here's how to claim the Genshin Impact redeem code:

  • Go to the following  page  .
  • First, login using your respective account.
  • Choose the server that matches your account, enter  the character nickname  , finally fill in the redeem code according to the server you have.
  • Click " Redeem ".
  • As long as you managed to get free Primogem from  miHoYo .
  • Prizes will go to  your mailbox  in the Genshin Impact game. Make sure you check it out.