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7 Unique and Interesting Facts about Point Blank Game, Gamers Must Know

One of the most popular games in Indonesia is Point Blank. Besides being popular and widely played, this game also has many unique and interesting facts that gamers need to know. Now for Point Blank players, you can see this article. Because we will discuss various interesting facts that you can know.

Here are 7 unique and interesting facts about the Point Blank game.

1. FPS games that have been around since 2009

Point Blank games include games with genre FPS (First Person Shooter). Namely a game that displays 3D animation from the point of view of the characters being played. Thus, it is as if players can feel what the characters in the game feel and experience.

This game was first introduced in Indonesia in 2009 under the auspices of Gemscool. In 2022, Point Blank was adopted by Garena Indonesia and is still one of the best-selling PC games. Three years later, Point Blank was returned to its developer, namely Zepetto. Now, Point Blank operates under the auspices of Zepetto Indonesia.

2. Have Many Characters and Weapons

In the Point Blank game, there are many characters and weapons that can be used. Examples of such characters for example:

  • Viper Red,
  • tarantula,
  • Lopez Rica,
  • Natasha,
  • queen,
  • and others.

Meanwhile, for weapons, there are also various types of weapons in Point Blank. As a true PB player, you must already know very well the characteristics of each of these Point Blank weapons.

3. Can Download Point Blank Wallpaper Easily

If you want to collect PB wallpapers, you can use this easy method.

  • Visit the website
  • Then you can enter the menu media, then select wallpapers.
  • Next comes a large selection of Point Blank images that you can download and use easily.
  • You just have to choose your favorite / favorite wallpaper collection.

download point blank wallpapersNot only that, through the media menu on the Point Blank website, you can also access other media such as videos or screenshots.

4. Get PB Rank Updates Directly

For those of you who want to get information about the PB rank directly, you can also check directly on the web. Especially through the menu rank. There you can access information about rankings for individuals, clans, or maps.

If you want to know rank you, then you need to login first.

5. Follow the Latest News About Point Blank

Still on the website, you can also follow the latest news and updates about this PB game. For example, to find out news about game updates, events, promos, and more. You just enter the menu news on the official Point Blank website.

On the web there is also a filter facility that makes it easy for you to filter news types by category. Examples of these categories include:

  • promotions,
  • events,
  • patches,
  • and E-Sports.

point blank news

6. Have Questions and Confusion About Point Blank? This is the solution

For those of you who are new/beginners, sometimes you also encounter confusion in playing PB. Well you don’t have to worry. You can access the menu FAQ on the website. There is a list of questions and answers about basic things related to this PB game.

Starting from questions about games, accounts, events, and more.


7. Find out the Hottest PB Weapon Collection here

Weapons are one of the most important elements in PB games. So, if you want to know the hot/crowded collection of Point Blank weapons, you can check through the menu premium shop on the PB website. There you can check the collection of hot PB weapons. You can find a collection of players’ favorite weapons and weapons that are currently on sale.

PB weapon collection

In order to be able to buy weapons, of course you need PB cash. Now, for PB cash top ups, you can use the services of UniPin. UniPin is ready to help you top up your PB cash quickly, safely, and easily. Do it right away top up PB cash use UniPin.

Those are some interesting facts about the PB game. Hopefully useful and happy gaming!