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7 List of the Best Cool Moskov Mobile Legends Skins Right Now

 Moskov is a Mobile Legends hero who has been present in the Land of Dawn for about 5 years. This makes him quite often get buffs or revamps . Even so, for loyal Moskov users of course this does not affect him. Moreover, the current number of Moskov skins in Mobile Legends is quite a lot.

Until now, Moskov has had a total of 7 skins, where each skin has an extraordinary quality. For example, his Epic skin, Twilight Dragon, which recently received a revamp in terms of appearance and skill effects. In addition, of course there are other skins that are no less cool.

Well, on this occasion Gamedaim List will share information about the list of Moskov skins it has in Mobile Legends. Instead of lingering, immediately check the info below.

List of  Skin Moskov Mobile Legends

If you use the Moskov hero, of course you know or even know the list of skins. But if not, here is the list in order of release:

  • Spear of Bone Dragon
  • Snake Eye Commander
  • Yasha
  • Javelin Champion
  • Twilight Dragon
  • Decapitator
  • Blood Spear

Meanwhile, below is an explanation of each of these Moskov skins. Starting from the price, appearance, skill effects, and so on. Instead of lingering, let's see below:

1. Spear of Bone Dragon – Normal

The first Moskov skin he has in Mobile Legends is Spear of Bone Dragon . You can have this Normal category skin by buying it at the Shop for 269 Diamond. This skin carries a dragon theme, where the outside of Moskov's body is like a dragon that is pointed and green.

Meanwhile, the skill effect is still the same as the original hero skill effect. Only the difference is in the ultimate skill , which has a green element.

2. Yasha - Season

Yasha is an exclusive skin that Moonton presents as a Season 7 Mobile Legends skin. For now, you can still have it by buying it at the Shop using 250 Premium Fragment Skins at the Fragment Shop.

In this skin, Moskov looks more sinister, with a long horn on his head. Then white hair and maroon body. His eyes were blazing like the devil. His spear weapon also gave off an orange colored aura. Then the skill effect is no less cool.

3. Decapitator – Elite

The best Moskov skin that is no less cool is the Decapitator . This is an Elite skin that can be purchased using 599 Diamonds. From the looks of it, Moskov looks dashing and quite scary. Where he uses an armor costume made of iron. His face was also wearing an armor mask with blazing eyes.

The spear seemed to be imbued with a green energy. So the effect of the spear skill will be black and there will be a green effect.

4. Snake Eye Commander – Starlight

The Snake Eye Commander skin is Starlight's exclusive skin for May 2017. You can still buy it using Rare Skin Fragments at the Fragment Shop. In this skin, Moskov looks very cool with a black and white armor costume.

This skin carries a snake theme, where on the chest there is a snake head logo. Then one of his eyes is also the eye of a snake. While his spear turned into a red laser spear.

5. Javelin Champion – Special

As the name implies, Javelin Champion is a Moskov skin that carries the javelin throwing theme. Where Moskov is a javelin thrower who won various javelin throwing tournaments. Moskov's body color changed to purple and he wore a shirt with the back number MLBB 1718.

While the skill effect emits a purple effect with a white aura. This Moskov skin is a must for you to have.

6. Blood Spear – Epic

Blood Spear is the latest Moskov skin in the Epic category that you can buy using 899 Diamond. If you look closely, the theme of this skin is a bit similar to the Blazing Bounties squad skin, to be precise the Aldous (Blazing Force) skin. In this skin, Moskov looks very scary and scary.

Where there is a fire effect on the hands, spear, and eyes. Then on the back there is a tool that emits a red wing shadow effect. This Moskov skin is different from the previous skins. Meanwhile, the effect of the skill looks the same as his appearance.

7. Twilight Dragon – Epic

The best Moskov skin in Mobile Legends was given to Twilight Dragon . This is an Epic Limited skin that is only present in certain events. The Twwilight Dragon skin recently received a revamp from its animation, appearance, and skill effects. So that makes it even cooler and more terrifying.

Moskov looks like a demon with purple horns and a strange logo on his chest. In addition, Moskov also uses wings, like the wings of a purple dragon. The spear also looks terrible, because it has an eye on it. Moreover, the skill effect, it's definitely very cool.