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5 Things That Cause Defeat in Mobile Legends

5 Things That Cause Defeat in Mobile Legends | The author will invite you to discuss five things that cause defeat in mobile legends, every player definitely wants to win in the mobile legends game. let’s see the tutorial.

5 Things That Cause Defeat in Mobile Legends

1. The Meta Used is Unbalanced

5 Things That Cause Defeat in Mobile Legends

Determining a good meta is something very important, not infrequently meta always affects a win. Indeed, trying a new meta is not a mistake, but it is rather risky, especially the meta used is considered unbalanced or even carelessly without really knowing it.

Which one sometimes likes to try – try meta? or just following the existing meta ? One of the teams that according to the author is great and a little crazy because they often try new metas is Team Roxy (Former Team NXL) where he managed to prove it by defeating two giant teams that have ruled MPL since the beginning, namely RRQ and EVOS.

2. Choosing the Wrong Item

Items are also something that is very important to determine victory, using items that don’t match and don’t follow the progress of the opponent’s items will only overwhelm you especially the opponents you face really pay attention to the items you use and also read your strategy.

So, it is certain to lose. So don’t ever underestimate the arrangement of a build item, because using the right and right item can optimize your hero’s abilities so you can fight better.

3. Unfriendly Signal

5 Things That Cause Defeat in Mobile Legends

Wow, it seems that this is still a big problem, the factors that cause defeat, indeed some people always think that the mobile legends server is not good enough. Even though according to the author, when you lag in the game, it doesn’t always mean the server is the problem.

It could be that the signal from your provider goes up and down, or it could be your cellphone’s factor which has too much cache so that your ram is burdened. Because the author has done several experiments and certainly not always a bad server. It is proven that using Wifi is safe.

4. Underestimate your opponent so you don’t focus

Another thing that does not affect your defeat in battle is that we often underestimate our opponents. You must have met a team where they arrogantly always said “easy” or “too easy” or other words that tend to underestimate the opponent.

Even though according to the author it is not good, why? with us having such an attitude, the opponent will be even more motivated to get up and strike back, no wonder there are many teams that even though they have excelled in networth to kill, they have to lose because they are hit by an epic comeback.

5. Poor team communication

Finally, the thing that can cause defeat is due to poor team communication, the coordination that is carried out does not get the attention of teammates. There are even teams who don’t want to hear instructions, so that makes the team not compact.

It’s time to attack he just recalls, there is also a time to retreat he actually goes forward so that it makes the team have to experience defeat because of poor team communication. But don’t let yourself be too fussy in chat – you can be hated by your teammates, hihi.

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The final word

Those are the five things that caused the defeat in mobile legends, so what do you guys think? Which is the thing that often makes you have to experience defeat in playing? Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.