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Old school cell phone with good photos

There really is old phone with good camera? The answer is there. There are several types of cellphones that have above average image quality so that collectors are still always hunting for these cellphones. Indeed, when compared to cameras on today’s cellphones with all their sophistication, larger pixel sizes, more complex editor software, as well as other factors, old school cellphones may lose, but do you know, some of the following old cellphones have image quality shots that are not inferior. from today’s cell phones. Here is the list:

1. Sony ericsson c905 Cybershot

Sony ericsson c905 is indeed very old, but don’t underestimate the shots. The C905 also has a special shutter button for taking pictures, because this cellphone is intended for photography lovers in its time. The shape is candybar with alphanumerics typical of old school cellphones. At that time, the C905 cellphone was famous for its Sony Cyber ​​Shot technology, which was able to win moving objects better than other cellphones. It has 8 MP resolution with autofocus, as well as xenon flash which makes the flash light so bright. Other features of the Sony Ericsson C905 camera are Geo-tagging, face/smile detection, smart contrast, smile detection, etc. Curious about the photos? here are the shots (image is not in actual size, image has been reduced for publishing purposes): sony-ericsson-c905-camera-test-sample check-image-quality-sony-ericsson-c905 result-camera-sony-ericsson-c905 sony-ericsson-c905-camera-sample-test Comparison with Canon eos DSLR camera results, picture taken from the esato forum: comparison-to-canon-eos350

2. Sony ericsson Satio (idou)

sonyericssonsatio Sony ericsson satio has used a touchscreen display but not a capacitive touchscreen like today, but still uses resistive touchscreen technology, the touch screen is more difficult to press when compared to today’s cellphones. But when it comes to the camera, it certainly can’t be underestimated. Although it can be said that the old Sony Ericsson Satio has used a camera with a size of 12.1MP, with features such as autofocus, xenon flash, video LED flash, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, macro settings, etc. The images taken are more natural and have many menus in the settings on the camera so that users can produce more images as desired. Curious about the photos? here are the shots (image is not in actual size, image has been reduced for publishing purposes): sony-ericsson-satio-camera-photo-samples-test-image sony-ericsson-satio-camera-test-sample cellphone-old-school-camera-good-sony-ericsson result-camera-sony-ericsson-satio

3. Samsung M8910 Pixon12

samsung-pixon12 Having a 28mm wide lens makes it very cool to take pictures of landscapes. The screen uses an AMOLED resistive touchscreen, which can also be used to lock focus (touch focus), besides that there are also features to beautify images when photographing faces, almost like the beautify feature in today’s cameras. The Samsung M8910 is also known as the Samsung Pixon12, perhaps because of its 12 mega pixel camera, the Samsung Pixon12 is the successor to the previous version, the Samsung Pixon with an 8 MP camera. Pixon12 uses an old OS made by Samsung itself, namely Bada with TouchWiz version 2.0 UI. Also read: Old Samsung HP. The features of the camera are 12 MP, wide 28mm lens, autofocus, xenon flash, LED flash, Touch focus, geo-tagging, face, smile and blink detection, WDR, etc. here are the results (image is not in actual size, image has been reduced for publishing purposes): cellphone-samsung-old-school-for-camera samsung-pixon-12-test-image-sample result-camera-samsung-pixon-12 samsung-old-school-best-camera

4. Nokia N8

nokia-n8 Nokia N8 is one of the most sought after old school mobile phones by collectors because it has a camera quality with the best image results. Having used Carl Zeis optics with 12MP pixels, of course the camera results can’t be doubted, besides that there is an ND filter to produce the color conditions you want, besides that there are features such as autofocus, Xenon flash, 1/1.83″ sensor, ND filter. , geo-tagging, face detection, etc. Discussing a little about the Nokia N8, the N8 has used a full touchscreen display with AMOLED technology, so of course the Nokia N8 is not too old-school. But when it comes to OS, N8 is still using the old school OS, namely Symbian ^ 3 OS which can be upgraded to Nokia belle OS. Want to know the results of the photo shots? here are the results (image is not in actual size, image has been reduced for publishing purposes): nokia-n8-lowlight-camera-test result-camera-nokia-n8 image-taken-from-nokia-n8 nokia-n8-camera-test-review-sample

5. Nokia 808 Pureview

nokia-808-pureview For photography smartphone enthusiasts, the Nokia 808 is no stranger to photography. The Nokia 808 is one of the most sought after smartphones by photography enthusiasts, because the Nokia 808 has a 41 MP camera, the same as the Nokia Lumia 1020. With a very large pixel size, of course, the camera results are the same. very sharp and detailed. Unfortunately the Nokia 808 still uses the Nokia Belle OS or improvements from Symbian which are less desirable, so that later Nokia made a version of the Nokia Lumia 1020 with the same camera power but with more sophisticated software/OS using Windows Mobile. With an aperture of 2.4 making it able to take bokeh pictures like a DSLR camera, it’s no wonder that many people compare the shots of the Nokia 808 with a DSLR camera. It doesn’t stop there, the optics itself has used optics from Carl Zeis and also has color correction to improve the color of the shots. Camera features include 41 MP (effectively 38 MP), f/2.4, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash, 1/1.2″ sensor size, ND filter, geo-tagging, face detection, etc. Want the year of the camera? here are the results (image is not in actual size, image has been reduced for publishing purposes): nokia-808-pureview-landscape-test-sample nokia-808-pure-view-motion-blur-test-sample result-camera-nokia-808 nokia-808-bokeh-test nokia-808-macro-test Those are 5 old school cellphones with the best cameras, actually there are still some old cellphones with good cameras, but because this article is quite long, I decided to take 5 of them. Or maybe I will continue in the next article.