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5 Most Savage Mage April 2022

5 Most Savage Mage April 2022 | Hero Mage, Yep, maybe that’s what I will discuss this time. Savage moments are the rarest moments that can only be obtained from very good play from a team so that each enemy is only killed by 1 person or there is an AFK Team that deliberately advances on its own because he is still defecating and his cell phone sinks into the hole.

This moment is often targeted by players so that they can be arrogant to their friends and tell how great he is to achieve the word Savage on his profile. Savage is also a place where players can show their skills in playing Moba 5v5 to become 1v5, even though sometimes they die.

Savage moments are usually obtained by carry heroes or heroes with great Lifesteal. But sometimes Hero Mage can do Savage easily. Who is that? check below bro.

1. Vexana

5 Most Savage Mage April 2018

The first is Vexana, Yep this hero with a very spicy Skill is very capable of Savage easily especially in Brawl Mode. With Damage skill 1 Area and Skill 2 CC makes Vexana especially Skill 1 and 2 have a fairly fast cooldown. Moreover, the shaman/ulti skill that summons curious spirits, Hmm, try if it’s a shaman, just a shaman, so that the tank will die for a long time.

2. Karina

5 Most Savage Mage April 2018

It is undeniable that he is part of the Role Mage although more inclined to Assassins. Karina has proven that Savage is easy for her. With an Ultimate Skill that Resets its cooldown when he Kills an enemy or Reduces its Cooldown when he assists.

3. Odette

5 Most Savage Mage April 2018

Yep number 3 is already familiar to all of us, Ulti has a very wide and long area of ​​damage. Especially if you add the flicker spell and continue to ride Ojek Johnson, hmm, God willing, the person who gets hit will die. Once Ulti Usually Odette’s average for a gank is Triple Kill. Hmm, if it’s Savage, it’s natural, especially if it’s with Johnson.

4. Valir

5 Most Savage Mage April 2018

Now fourth, there is Valir the fire beetle man. Almost like Odette but Combo Skill 2 and Ulti are the ones that hurt me the most. The Ulti Skill has a very wide scope area but can be avoided but if it is combined with Skill 2 it will be different again. This Valir really hurts, looks like Odette

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5. Kagura

5 Most Savage Mage April 2018

And the last one is Kagura, using this hero is actually easy, easy, hard, friends. It took several times of practice to be able to maximize the Skill of this Hero. You must have met the Savage Moment while watching Lemon or other pro players playing. By utilizing some of his Combo Skills, which can be said there are several versions, then Savage is a natural thing if Kagura succeeds in Savage.