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5 Most Needed Chou Mobile Legend Builds

One of hero which is quite widely used in the Mobile Legend game is Chou. Hero this has a stature like a movie star actionBruce Lee. Chou Mobile Legend the beginning was Fighter heroesbut because damageis considered less lethal, many players use it as a Tank.

With role Tank, Chou turned out to be more reliable. Chou Mobile Legend skills turned out to be quite effective at keeping the team from the opponent’s attack. At stage early game, Chou will be a very troublesome obstacle in the game. Meanwhile, in the middle of the game, he played a guarding role hero carry to stay safe.

Build Most Needed Hero Chou

Blending collections hero owned by build The right one will make you more able to act in the game. Well, for hero Chou, anything build a must-have?

Rapid Boots

chou mobile legend skill

In the Mobile Legend game, speed is a very important factor. Not only fast when attacking, but also when rotating and ganking top, middle, or bottom. In order to move hero more flexible in the game, item movement it’s used a lot in the beginning games.

There are many item movement in the form of boots which can be used in the Mobile Legend game. Exist Arcane Boots commonly used Mage heroes, Tough Boots for Tank heroesand Swift Boots for Marksman heroes to make it easier to move and attack.

Besides, there is a shoe that is common to all herothat is Rapid Boots. The purpose of these shoes is to increase movement hero up to +100 movement speed. Hero will be able to run very quickly.

Well, if you use Rapid Boots items for hero Chou, teammates can ask for your help to ganking enemy in lane-his. Even though it’s far away, Rapid Boots will help you come quickly.

The second use is chasing enemies who are in a weak state. If using Rapid Bootsyou don’t need help flicker to do that. On the other hand, you can also escape easily with build this. Turn on battle spell healing while running to recover hero so as not to die again.

Antique Cuirass

Antique Cuirass Items commonly used by heroes type Tankers and Fighter. Items this can provide additional HP and armor which is +920 HP and +54 Armor. If you fight heroes who do physical attacks like Zilong and Lancelot, this item can be used.

Antique Cuirass can also provide additional HP Regen as much as 30 HP Regen. Not too big, but quite helpful. With HP Regen, the blood remains filled while hero strolling. The effect is still maximum when combined with items Oracle. HP Regen will increase up to 25%.

Other uses of Antique Cuirass is to reduce atack power against. If the opponent attacks with basic attack nor skills, physical power and magical power they will decrease by 6%. If it strikes again, attack power enemy reduced again by 6%. This can only be done up to three times.

Antique Cuirass you can also use if Chou Mobile Legend used against hmagical ero like Lunox or Kadita. By having items this, attack power in the form of physical defense and magical defense enemies reduced by 8%.


chou mobile legends guide

Defense items else you can pair with hero Chou is Immortality. This item is indeed very often used in a game gameplay Mobile Legends. With Immortality, hero type Tank will have a stronger resistance. Duration survival hero become longer.

Passive skills contained in Immortality very good. Items it can turn on hero returns within 2 seconds with 15% HP remaining of Max HP. Not only that, you are extra too shield to absorb damage up to 300-1000. Shield can last up to 3 seconds.

Cooldown for passive skills this for 180 seconds. However, you don’t need to worry because you actually have the opportunity to win the match, especially if it is used on a Tank hero.

Bloodlust Ax

chou mobile legends skin

Next, buy items too Bloodlust Ax to be used in conjunction with hero Chou. Bloodlust Ax is items which can add blood when skills about the target. More and more opponents are hit skillsthe more blood is absorbed.

Bloodlust Ax can give 70 Physical Attack10% cooldown reductionas well as 20% Spell Vamp. For hero like Chou relying on skills to do damage on the enemy, items it is very suitable to use.

Blade of Despair

chou mobile legends build

Furthermore, items mandatory that you can attach to Chou is Blade of Despair. Items it can support hero used to make it stronger. Blade of Despair included in the category Attack. It means, build used to attack the enemy.

Blade of Despair will give extra stats +170 Physical Attack and +5 Movement Speed. There is also a unique passive that enhances Physical Attack by 25% if attacking an opponent with 50% HP or less. It only lasts 2 seconds. Addition damage it is very useful.

Blade of Despair very suitable for heroes Marksman, Assassinor Fighter which turns into Tank like Chou. Because it’s usually bought when late game, items this is build attack most powerful and most expensive. If you feel you need it, you can also buy it at the beginning of the game.

So, here are 5 Chou Mobile Legend build needed in the game. With various items you can count on Chou to survive as well as save yourself and your teammates. Election items the right one becomes one of the influential factors in winning gameplay.

Besides build, you can also equip Chou with some cool skins, such as Dragon Boy, Furious Tiger, and Lori Yagami. To buy Chou Mobile Legend skin that, you need diamonds which can be purchased through UniPin. Well, it’s ready to fight with Chou Mobile Legends?