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5 Materials Farming Childe Before He Was Rumored To Return To Genshin Impact 2.2

According to leaks and rumors circulating that Childe will be present as a rerun banner in Genshin Impact 2.2. He is also known as Tartagila who is a 5-star Hydrow Bow user and has two banners.

The first banner arrives on November 11 and ends on December 2, 2022. While the second banner arrives on April 6 and ends on April 27, 2022.

Childe is the 11th Fatui Harbingers who plays an important role in Liyue’s storyline. For those of you who want to gacha this character, it’s good to know the farming material first to make it easier when increasing the ascension level later.

5 Materials Farming Childe

1. Cleansing Heart

Materials Farming Childe

The Oceanid boss dropped some important items for Childe. He is also the only boss in all of Genshin Impact who can drop Cleansing Heart materials.

In addition to the Ascension item, the item also rewards players with Varunada Lazurite materials, including Sliver, Fragment, Chunk, and Gemstone.

Childe needed a total of 46 Cleansing Hearts to reach his maximum Ascension Level.

2. Starconch

Material Farming Childe Genshin Impact

This material can be found on several beaches and coastlines near Liyue. It is considered a local specialty of the land.

To get this item you can use Qiqi which is able to see special items in Liyue or help from the official Interative Map from miHoYo.

This material will respawn for 48 hours before reappearing. The child itself requires a total of 168 Starconches to reach its maximum level.

3. Recruit’s/Sergeant’s/Lieutenant’s Insignia

Materials Farming Childe

Insignia badges are usually dropped by enemies of the Fatui group, including:

  • Pyroslinger Bracer
  • Pyro Agent
  • Cryogunner Legionnaire
  • Cryo Ring Mage
  • Hydrogunner Legionnaire
  • Mirror Maiden
  • Electrohammer Vanguard
  • Electro Ring MageA
  • Vanguard nemoboxer
  • Geochanter Bracer

Childe requires 18 Recruit’s Insignia, 30 Sergeant’s Insignia, and 36 Lieutenant’s Insignia to reach his maximum Ascension Level.

To maximize all of his Talents, he needs an additional 18 Recruit Insignia, 66 Sergeant Insignia, and 93 Lieutenant Insignia.

4. Shard of a Foul Legacy

5 Materials Farming Childe Before He Was Rumored To Return To Genshin Impact 2.2

Those planning to maximize Childe’s Talent would need to collect some Shards of a Foul Legacy.

Genshin Impact players need this material for levels 7 to 10. Funnily enough, one can obtain it by defeating the weekly Childe boss in the tounce domain “Enter the Golden House”

Genshin Impact players must complete Archon Quest Chapter 1, Act 3: A New Star Approaches to unlock the tounce domain.

They can also use Dream Solvent and the Tusk of Monoceros Caeli or Shadow of the Warrior, to create a Shard of a Foul Legacy. Childe needs 18 Shards of a Foul Legacy to maximize his talent in Genshin Impact.

5. Doctrine/Guidelines/Philosophy of Freedom

5 Materials Farming Childe Before He Was Rumored To Return To Genshin Impact 2.2

This material is only useful for maximizing Childe’s talent. He is not used for his regular Ascension. However, maximizing Talent will help bring out the best in this character.

You can get this talent material through the Forsaken Rift domain every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday.

Childe needs 9 Freedom Doctrines, 63 Freedom Guides, and 114 Freedom Philosophies to maximize his talents in Genshin Impact.

So, those are some of Childe’s farming materials that you need to collect before Childe returns to the banner Genshin Impact 2.2.