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5 Interesting and Special New Year Gift Ideas For Gamers

Soon we will welcome the new year. Welcoming the new year, we will usually exchange gifts for special people. Whether it’s for girlfriends, partners, friends, best friends, and more. So, if you need new year’s gift ideas, you can check out this article.

We will discuss 5 new year gift ideas interesting and special for gamers. So if your friends, best friends, or partner are gamers, this gift is sure to impress them. Curious? Here are New Year’s gift ideas that you can try.

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5 New Year’s Gifts That Are Suitable for Gamers

Here are 5 New Year’s gift ideas that are suitable for gamers. You can choose the one that suits you best.

1. Google Play Vouchers

In the first list, you can give Google Play vouchers. This is interesting because Google Play vouchers can be exchanged on the Google Play website or application (Play Store). Later, this voucher can be exchanged for a Google Play account balance. Furthermore, the balance can be used for transactions on the Play Store.

For example it can be used for:

  • buy favorite games,
  • buy apps,
  • and various other transaction needs on Google Play.

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Of course, the Google Play voucher code is interesting for gamers. Because it can be used to buy their favorite games. Oh yes, you can also buy a Google Play voucher code directly on the UniPin website.

google play voucher code

2. Steam Wallet

The second gift that you can also give is a Steam Wallet voucher. Well if this can be used to fill in Steam Wallet on the Steam site. Furthermore, gamers can share their favorite games on Steam. You can also give Steam vouchers for gamers.

To buy Steam vouchers, you can also make purchases directly on the UniPin website.

steam wallet

3. UniPin Vouchers To Top Up His Favorite Game

Among other prizes, this prize is the most interesting. UniPin Vouchers can be used to top up games on the UniPin web. Examples of favorite games that can be downloaded for example:

  • freefire,
  • mobile legends,
  • point blank,
  • Call of Duty Mobile,
  • AOV,
  • marvel super wars,
  • and much more.

You can give UniPin vouchers for gamers. Later they can buy their favorite diamond/game credit on UniPin.

It’s easy. Gamers will just need to exchange UniPin vouchers on the website. Then they just have to top up their favorite game easily and practically.

unipin vouchers

4. Nintendo eShop Cards

The fourth gift idea is Nintendo eShop Cards. Nintendo eShop Cards are vouchers that can be redeemed to top up a Nintendo eShop account. Then it can be used for purchases on the Nintendo eShop website. You can also purchase Nintendo eShop Cards on the UniPin website.

5. Items Related to the Game He Plays

The fifth gift idea is items related to the game being played. For example, you can give gifts like:

  • gaming mouse,
  • gaming chair,
  • Merchandise games played,
  • Membership of certain games,
  • and various items related to the games they play.

Of course this can also be a memorable gift.

So, friends of UniPin, those are 5 interesting and suitable new year gift ideas for gamers. Let’s give the best gifts for gamers. Hopefully it’s useful and happy gaming!