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5 Best Android Mobile Mind Mapping Applications 2022

Best Mind Mapping Apps For Android Users

Many people don’t know about mind mapping, for the explanation itself mind mapping is mind mapping using certain diagrams to visually display information.

Mind mapping itself is suitable for people who find it difficult to express ideas in their minds, the way of mind mapping basically uses books and stationery to describe it.

This year there are so many best mind mapping app which can be used on android, the following application will help in visualizing any ideas in your mind.


Mind mapping application on cellphone The first is miMind, this application comes from the United States. MiMind itself has been downloaded more than 1 million times, for the miMind app rating has a value of 4.6 on the Play Store.

miMind mind mind mapping app

The miMind application has various attractive layouts that make users feel at home using miMind, besides that miMind also has various patterns and colors to complement the mind mapping needs of its users.

MiMind can also export the work in PDF or XML format, besides that the work can also be converted into an image format such as JPG or PNG. The miMind app also has other interesting features.

The first feature is an easy-to-use user interface, miMind said that this application can be used by anyone without worrying about how difficult it is to use it.

In addition, miMind also has a unique user interface, this uniqueness will be seen by users when entering the miMind application start page. With a unique and easy user interface, users will feel comfortable using this application.

Another feature is that it is free of ads, many app users are annoyed by the appearance of the app. Being free from ads will make miMind users feel more comfortable.

The third feature of miMind is providing online storage, with online storage it gives users the option when the smartphone memory is full of various files.

miMind - Easy Mind Mapping
miMind - Easy Mind Mapping

Best Mind Mapping App Xmind

The next application has the name Xmind, the Xmind application has been downloaded more than 1 million times on the Play Store and has a pretty good rating. Xmind’s rating is 4.6 with a very large number of positive comments.

mind mapping app Xmind

Xmind itself has a very simple user interface design, its own goal is to make it easier for users to visualize their ideas.

Xmind has various advantages that can make people interested in using it, the first advantage is high-end graphic mapping such as desktops. In addition, Xmind guarantees its speed when used.

The second advantage is that there are quite a lot of map diagrams, the Xmind application has various types of diagrams and a basic structure for mapping the minds of its users. With so many diagrams, users are more creative in making mind maps.

The third advantage is that it provides a variety of interesting themes to make users more creative, with unique themes that make visualizing ideas easier and unique. Xmin users also provide feedback so that this application continues to be developed again.

XMind: Mind Map
XMind: Mind Map

Mind Maps Premium

Mind Map Premium is the third application that can be used to visualize ideas, this application itself cannot be downloaded for free or users have to pay to use Mind Map Premium.

The price of this application is around Rp. 41.000 on the Play Store, the Mind Map Premium application has not been widely downloaded because many people think that the price of the Mind Map Premium application is quite expensive.

This application has several features to assist users in visualizing their ideas, such features as diagrams with replaceable colors in addition to a simple user interface to make it easier for users.

Mind Maps Premium
Mind Maps Premium

Mind Map & Concept

The next application has the name Mind Map & Concept, as the name implies, the Mind Map & Concept application can help each user to determine the right concept in describing each idea.

The Mind Map & Concept application received a rating of 4.7 on the Play Store, besides that Mind Map & Concept has been downloaded 1 million times. Many positive responses have been given by users to this one application.

Mind Map & Concept can be used offline, so users don’t need to spend quota to use this application. In addition, the Mind Map & Concept application provides various images to make mind mapping more interesting.

Although it has various interesting advantages, the Mind Map & Concept application has also received some criticism from its users, some users say that this application often stops and exits suddenly when used.

There are also some users who state that the files from the Mind Map & Concept application cannot be opened, other users also say that the Mind Map & Concept error when being opened.

Mindomo (Mindmapping)
Mindomo (Mindmapping)

Simple Mind Lite

The fifth application is Simple Mind Lite, this application has been downloaded 1 million times on the Play Store. For the rating itself, Simple Mind Lite gets an rating of 4.2, the Simple Mind Lite application itself was created by a Dutch developer.

This application has advantages in the field of use, when using the Simple Mind Lite application the users will be spoiled with convenience other than that Simple Mind Lite is free from advertisements.

Users also don’t need to register to use this mind mapping application, just download and use it right away. Simple Mind Lite can also be used for things like business or health.

Behind its advantages, the Simple Mind Lite application has various criticisms from its users, for example, files that cannot be saved or exported. In addition, there are also users who reveal that this application has an error when used.

SimpleMind Lite - Mind Mapping
SimpleMind Lite - Mind Mapping

Mind Maps & Notes

The sixth application is Mind Map & Note, the Mind Map & Note application has a very fresh and unique appearance so that users will feel comfortable when using this application.

Mind Map & Note received a rating of 3.8 on the Play Store with a total of 1 million downloads, this application is suitable for visualizing each user’s ideas in a unique way.

This application has advantages such as providing a free online account for each user, besides that Mind Map & Note supports a multi-touch system with the aim of zooming in or zooming out.

The users of this application are satisfied but there are some suggestions for the Mind Map & Note application to be better, for example, there are users who say that more skins should be reproduced so that editing becomes better.



The last recommended application is Mindz, this application has a simple appearance and has various unique features to make its users feel at home using Mindz.

This application has been downloaded 10 thousand times with a total rating of 4.2 on the Play Store, some of the interesting features of the Mindz application are the display of the luxurious map and the free placement of nodes.

Mindz - Mind Mapping (Lite)
Mindz - Mind Mapping (Lite)


Mind mapping is an appropriate way of describing the ideas contained in the mind, there are many best mind mapping app on the Play Store to help users visualize their ideas.