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3 Main Factors of Success of a Mobile Legends Tanker

3 Main Factors of Success of a Mobile Legends Tanker | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss the 3 main factors for the success of a tanker which is the parameter for someone to successfully portray himself as a tanker in mobile legends.

Maybe there are many here who still don’t understand the benchmarks for the success of a tanker, especially for those who are not tankers. Often blames a tanker for dying, or even says that the tanker is a noob and so on just because it doesn’t kill. Even though the benchmark of someone being said to be successful and successful as a tanker is not because of these factors but other factors including 3 factors that the author summarizes based on the author’s experience as a tanker.

3 Main Factors of Success of a Mobile Legends Tanker

1. Your Hero Carry Can Be

One of the factors that the author quotes based on the words of an Evos IOS pro player who is indeed accustomed to using tanks is “The success rate of a tank is if your carry hero becomes”.

3 Main Factors of Success of a Mobile Legends Tanker

Yep, the author agrees with the statement from an IOS gamer that we all know that if he becomes a tank then the carry team, especially Jess and Oura who are used to carry heroes, looks safer and they tend to be successful because they can’t be separated from the greatness of a tank.

2. Minimize Threats to the Carry Team

Not only the hero carry factor that becomes the level of success of a tank, but a tank can be said to be successful as a tank if the carry team really feels protected and is very difficult to be threatened by the opponent.

In this way, the carry can be more free and flexible in moving because he really feels protected by the presence of a tank and it is not half-hearted that a tanker is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the carry team to be safe from dangers and threats.

3. Able to make the opponent’s carry difficult to develop

Finally, the success rate factor of a tanker can be said to be successful in carrying out its position is to make it difficult for the opponent’s carry to develop by continuously shadowing his movements. So that makes him miss the level and networh that is far from our carry hero.

Indeed, being a tanker is difficult, it is easy, most of the existing tankers tend to focus on kills so that they ignore the team’s carry heroes even though it is something dangerous, especially the opponent’s carry heroes can move freely while the team’s carry is under threat but due to the carelessness of a tank making it difficult to develop.

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The final word

So, indeed, a tank should be more inclined to guard the team’s carry, interfere with the opponent’s carry, never chase kills, for a tanker can maintain the team’s carry and get assists, that’s great. So the conclusion is that killing is not an indicator of the success of a tank. So what do you guys think? where is the voice of user tanker? Greetings User tanks. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay