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3 Battle Spell Recommendations for Mobile Legends Tank Users

3 Battle Spell Recommendations for Mobile Legends Tank Users | On this occasion the author will invite you to discuss 3 recommendations for battle spells that are suitable for tanker users, one of which is a recommendation from IOS on the channel, namely IOS Gaming, let’s see.

Choosing a battle spell is very important to help in the match, sometimes choosing the wrong battle spell can affect the match, even though it’s not that big of an impact, but still small things can be a problem, so here are some recommendations for battle spells that are usually recommended for tanks.

3 Battle Spell Recommendations for Mobile Legends Tank Users

3 Battle Spell Recommendations for Tank Users

1. Petrify

One of the battle spells that is currently a favorite battle spell or even a mandatory spell for tankers. Just try it if you play solo rank then play it during the day using a tank but using another spell, usually someone will tell you to change the petrify battle spell or better known as stun.

Even though according to the author, this spell is not really mandatory, because there are some tanks that do have the ability to stun, so it seems that if you have to use the stun spell again, it will look less effective. The point is when we want to use a spell we have to look at our opponent first (especially for epic tiers and above)

2. Iron Wall

The spell that is currently being discussed is the iron wall where several pro player tanks are talking about this spell. Indeed, this spell has slightly changed so it is worth using. As in the Evos IOS video on the YouTube channel, IOS Gaming says that this spell is one of the spells that is quite powerful for true tankers.

As we know that IOS is indeed a player who uses tank heroes for several matches even though he also uses other heroes, for some reason seeing the style of play of an IOS being a tanker he really plays playsafe so that the team’s carry hero is completely protected.

3. Flicker

Another popular battle spell is flicker, it seems that this spell is not only used by tanks, but some mage and marksman use this spell. Yep, this battle spell is indeed quite powerful to use to move places.

Especially for those who have the ultimate or abilities that do have a decent lag time so to optimize opponents who are running away, they can use flickers such as lolita, tigreal or franco.

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The final word

So, those are the three battle spells that the author recommends for you tank users, even though in its implementation it still returns to situations and opportunities that may occur. The point is to see how the opponent is. Don’t let it just because the spell is often used, we just go along with it even though the spell is less effective with such a typical or meta opponent. What do you guys think? If you have other suggestions or opinions, please leave them in the comments column, guys. Finally, happy gaming and keep fairplay.