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You Can Get Free Xborg Tesla Maniac Skin From MLBB, Here's How!

You Can Get Free Xborg Tesla Maniac Skin From MLBB, Here’s How!

The double 11 Mobile Legends event has finally been officially released filled with a series of interesting events.

Starting from getting diamond promos to being able to have a chance to win epic skins limited edition X.Borg Tesla Maniac to Hayabusa Shura.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Unfortunately, to get the skin, of course, you need to spend money to buy diamonds and make your fortune through gacha.

But for those of you who want to get one of these skins for free, of course, you don’t need to worry, because SPIN Esports has a way you can do to get the X.Borg Tesla Maniac skin for free.

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Only Collect Indomaret Stamp

Indomaret PoinKu
Photo via Indomaret

Interestingly, to get the X.Borg Tesla Maniac skin yourself, you need to collect the 11.11 special edition stamp from Indomaret.

To be able to get 1 stamp, you yourself need to make a purchase for a Google Play voucher or an MLBB in-app purchase worth Rp. 10,000 through the minimarket.

Of course, you also need to install Indomaret PoinKu so that you can later receive the stamp after purchasing a Google Play voucher or MLBB in-app.

So, here is a complete list of prizes that you can exchange for the Indomaret stamp.

  • Magic Wheel Potion – 5 Stamp
  • Small Emblem Pack – 5 Stamp
  • Normal Benedetta Skin – 10 Stamp
  • Normal Mathilda Skin – 10 Stamp
  • Elite Toy Rex Skin – 15 Stamp
  • Special Batender Skin – 30 Stamp
  • Epic Lunox Skin – 40 Stamp
  • Borg Tesla Maniac Skin – 40 Stamp

With so many prizes that you can get, of course, don’t miss this event, Spinners!

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