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You Can Get Free Starlight Member From MLBB, Here's How!

You Can Get Free Starlight Member From MLBB, Here’s How!

The celebration of the 5th anniversary of Mobile Legends seems to be really lively, after Moonton again distributes various attractive gifts to his fans.

Most recently, they will officially be giving away Miya’s “Sweet Fantasy” skin and Starlight members for the month of October for free to lucky winners.

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The prize has certainly been awaited by fans to be able to get various skins for free.

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Just Photos With Miya

In the 5th Anniversary event of Mobile Legends this time, you only need to upload a photo with Miya on your respective Instagram accounts.

To get a chance to win the Miya skin and starlight, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • Take a photo with Miya
  • Post the photo on your social media with the hashtag #miyawithme
  • Post the image in the comments below, along with your Game ID and Server.

Until October 5

Photo via UHD Wallpaper

This event itself will last for one week starting from September 28 to October 5 next.

Interestingly, for those of you who have difficulty finding Miya’s PNG animation, this has been provided by Moonton by clicking on this link,

The announcement itself will later be announced through Mobile Legends’ official social media account after the end of the event.

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