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You Can Get Free Permanent Epic HPs And Skins From MLBB, Here's How!

You Can Get Free Permanent Epic HPs And Skins From MLBB, Here’s How!

Welcoming the M3 event which will be held in a matter of a few days, Moonton this time again held a contest for its fans in Indonesia.

The contest is of course aimed at supporting the Indonesian team that will compete and enliven the World Championship tournament.

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Later there will be attractive prizes that you can get through the contest, including HP and free Epic Skins from Mobile Legends.

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Just Make Support Video

Photo via MPL ID

As in general contests, of course you need to fulfill several requirements to be able to win the row of prizes.

Interestingly, to be able to win the prize, you only need to support the Indonesian team via Instagram.

So, therefore, here are the requirements and complete procedures to be able to win HP and permanent epic skins for free from Mobile Legends.

  • Follow the Instagram account, it will be checked if you win
  • Make a support video for the team competing on m3 as creatively as possible
  • Post the video on your personal account (not private account) and tag ig
  • Use Indonesian slogans and #IDownM3 in your videos and captions, OK!
  • Winners will be chosen and announced every day on IG
  • The 10 most creative videos will be shown on M3’s live broadcast
  • The 10 winners will later get a Samsung A72 and an Epic Permanent skin

Of course, for those of you who want to provide direct support to the team that competed in the M3 event, don’t forget to take part in the contest, because when else can you support and get the opportunity to get attractive prizes from Moonton.

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