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Will Be Released, New Hero Phylax & Edith Present For Free Through This Event!

Will Be Released, New Hero Phylax & Edith Will Come For Free Through This Event!

Having previously released Aamon as the newest hero in Mobile Legends, Moonton has now prepared another hero who is ready to enliven the Land of Dawn.

The new heroes are Phylax & Edith who have the role of Tank/Marksman when playing the game.

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He himself will later be the first hero to have this role in Mobile Legends, which is certainly a quite unique role considering the roles of tanks and marksman are quite opposite roles.

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Comes Through M3 Pass

Photo via Mobile Legends Updates

For those of you who can’t wait for the presence of Phylax & Edith, of course you have to wait a little longer because this new hero will be coming through M3 Pass for free.

Of course, you only need to complete a few levels to be able to secure a coupon that can be exchanged for Phylax & Edith.

This is of course quite pleasant news, considering that you yourself do not need to issue Battle Points to be able to get a hero who has a role as the Tank/Marksman.

You yourself can exchange the coupon with Phylax & Edith for free on December 21 future.

Therefore, for Spinners who are curious and really want this hero, of course, you can record it from now on!

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