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Who is PUBG's Best Rusher? - EXP

Since its 2022 release, PUBG or Player Unknown Battlegrounds become one of the most popular games of all ages, both children and adults. In PUBG Mobile as a player, you have to use the right tactics. One of them, being a rusher PUBG’s best during the game.

PUBG is included in the game video games by genre battle royale, where each of the 100 players, must survive to be the last person. The goal is to getChicken Dinner’ or as the winner of the game. Usually, the game can take place individually or in groups (teams) consisting of 2-4.

This game is also more exciting because of the esports competition to become the Global Top. Not surprisingly, many people are competing to be the best, either individually or with their team.

To be a reliable player also requires high flying hours. Therefore, to be pro player PUBG has to do intense training every day. Moreover, when participating in competitions, such as Esports where all players will fight against each other on a professional level.

As we have said before, every team or individual must have the right strategy. In role play PUBG, need a leader, support, sniper, scouter, and rusher. Well, someone who has a position rusher indispensable for the victory of a team.

What’s that Rusher PUBG?

Rusher be a role which is quite important in the PUBG Mobile game. Position rusher tasked to break through the enemy or be the front row by fighting the enemy. Rusher will move first, to ensure the team’s position is safe or not. When breaking through the opponent’s area, they also have to kill all the opponents there. Usually, rusher will go together scouts.

Become rusher PUBG is not an easy matter, role This must be held by a player who has skills shoot very high or on target. That way, team members are safe from enemies.

Anyone Rusher Best in PUBG?

There are 5 rusher best with skills amazing thing, one of them is from Indonesia. It’s great, isn’t it? Let’s look at the players below.


One of rusher the best fell to Ryzen or known as Muhammad Albi who came from Indonesia. Ryzen himself is a Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR RA) player who has won various achievements in online game competitions, such as PMPL ID S1, PUBG Mobile Global Championship, and many more. In fact, he is much feared by other teams because of his barbaric nature when playing games.


This second player from China has brought many victories in the world of esports. As pro player PUBG Mobile, Paraboy have been in the spotlight all over the world and are one of the players with scattered payments, which is 10,000 USD/month. He also won the PUBG Mobile Championship 2022, Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2022, and PUBG Mobile Global Invitational 2022.


Rusher The best PUBG that is no less great is Federal which comes from Loops Esport. Individually or playing with a team, his ability is unquestionable. In fact, its existence is very important. He managed to bring his team as the winner of MPL 2022: Americas Final and earned the MVP title.

33Svan (4 AM)

Pro player Another PUBG Mobile is 33Svan who is a member of Four Angry Man (4 AM) and is one of the best PUBG teams. He also has the ability equivalent to Paraboy. However, his performance had slumped in the 2022 PEL S1. However, he also managed to become the second winner of the 2022 PUBG Mobile World Championship Final.

Those are some of our best PUBG rushers. How about your version?


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