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Where Did Resident Evil Zombies Come From?

Since its debut in 1996, we have seen many types of zombies in Resident Evil. They appeared, scattered, then mutated as if endlessly. However, where exactly did the terrorizing zombies come from gamer through this game released by Capcom?

We start with one name: Umbrella Corporation.

The company was founded in the 1960s through the hard work of a trio of researchers named Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Dr. Edward Ashford, and Dr. James Marcus. Syahdan, the last name wants to research rare flowers that are planted in the African region. her name Stairway of the Sun.

The basis is the exact opposite of their research background: myth. Marcus believes that the flower can give anyone who eats it power. However, almost everyone is not able to ‘survive’ every time the flower passes through the throat.

When he found the flower, Marcus had time to research what caused it. In the end he discovered that there was Virus Progenitor contained there, a dangerous virus that can damage the mental and brain of the eaters instantly.

The obsessed Marcus didn’t care about the find. Then, he was determined to bring it to the United States to be replicated alias replanted.

There are no pleasant results during the planting process. Marcus gave up. Ashford, a fellow research fellow, had also given up on the project so the project simply stalled. However, it is different with Spencer.

When two of his colleagues were reluctant, Spencer was even more motivated and later formed Umbrella Pharmaceuticals which became the forerunner of the Umbrella Corporation. He works alone but unlike Marcus, his efforts seem to be paying off.

Spencer was able to develop viral progenitors. He even plans to sell the seeds of the virus to the United States government. He believes that this virus can be a way out to turn humans into a much stronger person than before.

The method is terrible. Spencer wanted all humans to be infected with the virus so the whole world could truly change.

At first, Marcus had no interest in continuing his research, especially after learning of the grand vision behind Spencer’s plans. However, in the end he still helped his colleague. Marcus even managed to find a new type of virus that we would later know as the T-Virus.

If previously Marcus only tried it on animals, this time he used humans as test materials. Which is then seen after the virus he implanted: The human who was the subject earlier turned into a undead who only wanted to eat, and that had to be human flesh.

Marcus’ fate ended tragically because in the end he was killed by Spencer. Sherry Birkin’s father — one of the characters Resident Evil 6 — whose name is Dr. William Birkin then took his place. Like Marcus, he also discovered a new virus. This time it was named the G-Virus.

Are you familiar with the name Lisa Trevor? This was the first human Birkin made his subject.

Lisa Trevor.

Since then the T-Virus and G-Virus have continued to grow. Umbrella Corporation had set up a special laboratory to test infected subjects. It is located in the basement of a luxury house in the Raccoon City area called the Spencer Mansion.

Yep, the house is the setting for the first game Resident Evil (1996).

In the future, we will see many types of zombies or monsters or whatever the scary figures are called in the game. Starting from Licker, Zombie Dog, Alligator, Yawn, to of course the iconic Nemesis.

One thing that makes Resident Evil interesting. It’s not a fact that they are the trigger for the birth of the game survival horror,but rather the success of Capcom and Shinji Mikami in creating a strong story foundation regarding the origin and development of the zombie virus in Indonesia Resident Evil.


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