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What is FF Advance Server and How to Download It?

FF Advance Server – Free Fire Advance Server is server special from Garena provided to try out the game or games which is under development (in this case Free Fire). One of the advantages advance server is that you can take advantage of several exclusive items in the Store with just one payment diamonds Free Fire.

In this advance server, you can only access games whose updates have not been released on the regular server, it doesn’t mean that in this FF Advance Server they provide a door in each building because it’s still the same in this FF advanced server, the game doesn’t have a door.

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You are only entitled to access the advance server for a few days. Therefore, you must maximize it to try new experiences in Free Fire!

Why You Should Register FF Advance Servers?

Why You Should Register FF Advance Server

There are several advantages of Free Fire advance serverincluding the following:

  • New Fashion, advance server for games it features many modes like Gun King and Bomb Squad.
  • New look, free fire has a new and different look compared to server in general. Some changes to FF advance server this latest is like missionprofiles, and more.
  • New CharacterFree Fire advance fire has also provided leaks of the latest characters that are present on server usually.
  • Presentin server Garena’s output you can also receive many prizes, such as tickets and diamonds if you have completed the mission.

How to Register FF Advance Server?

How to Register FF Advance Server

After discussing what is FF advance server and what are the advantages, now you are curious about how to register server this? Here we provide the tutorial:

  1. First of all, visit the site
  2. Furthermore, login to the Facebook account that has been linked to your FF account.
  3. Complete the registration form, fill in your email, full name and your active phone number.
  4. If it is successful, then you will receive a notification if the registration is successful.
  5. Congratulations, you have successfully registered on the server!

After successfully registering, then you just have to wait for delivery in-game mail from Garena. But keep in mind, that you can’t know when in-game mail sent. Just wait!

How to Download FF Advance Server APK?

How to Download FF Advance Server APK

To download FF APK advance server itself, the method is as follows:

  1. Make sure FF registration advance server-you’ve made it.
  2. To register, you can see the tutorial above by visiting the website advance server.
  3. Furthermore, login use your Facebook account which is connected to the FF account.
  4. Then check in-game mail contained in the Free Fire application.
  5. After that, visit link on in-game mail that was sent.
  6. Furthermore, download FF APKs advance server.
  7. If you have downloaded it, you can directly install the application that you have downloaded. Then, open the app.

If you can already access server With this, later you can provide various inputs or suggestions to Garena regarding updates latest Free Fire. Then, Garena will follow up on this issue. In addition, you can also report bugs that you find, so that Garena’s side can immediately follow up.

Servers This is actually not really required to be accessed by users playerbut some people may be curious and want to enter server the. No exception for players who want to taste the new features before entering original server later. Even so, actually Garena has already put a limit on the number of players who can enter and access advance server.

That’s the explanation of what FF advance server, how to download it, and install the application. Hopefully useful and GREETINGS BOOYAH!