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What Happens if Resident Evil Characters Are Played by Indonesian Artists?

Resident Evil Village will be released on Friday (7/5/2022). However, have you ever imagined what if the Resident Evil character was played by an Indonesian artist like a soap opera?

Before viewing casting the cast, see first a brief explanation of Resident Evil Village itself. So, this is the 10th installment of the game by CAPCOM and the narrative sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Like Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village also use the first person perspective as well as management inventoryit resembles Resident Evil 4 using the luggage system. Various interesting characters with the main character Ethan Winters will appear in this series. Well, no need to linger any longer, let’s see casting soap opera actor Resident Evil Village version EXP below this!

1. Arya Saloka Yuda Prawira as Ethan Winters

Arya Saloka (Aldebaran Ikatan Cinta) as Ethan Winters
Photo: [@arya.saloka]

Ethan Winters is the protagonist in Resident Evil Village. He is an American engineer. In this series, it is told that Ethan is attacked by their own BSAA guards and his son, Rosemary, is kidnapped. Well, Ethan Winters looks very much like the actor Aldebaran in the soap opera Love Bond whose name is Arya Saloka. Of course with a touch of Indonesian specialties.

2. Chicco Jericho as Chris Redfield

Chicco Jericho as Chris Redfield
Photo: [@chicco.jerikho]

Chris Redfield is the antagonist in this series. He was someone who used to look after the family and was a confidant of Ethan Winters. His athletic stature goes hand in hand with a beard that sticks to his face. We thought it would be appropriate if Chicco Jerikho played the role! Especially if Chicco’s beard grows even thicker.

3. Anya Geraldine as Mia Winters

Anya Geraldine as Mia Winters
Photo: [@anyageraldine]

Mia Winters is the wife of Ethan Winters and a former employee of The Connections, a biological weapons crime syndicate. He was rumored to have died in 2022 but the Baker Family found him. They then locked Mia in a house until she was found in 2022. Mia’s figure there was very gentle and motherly, it was perfect if Anya Geraldine, who now appeared more feminine, played her.

4. Fadil Jaidi as The Duke

fadil jaidi as the duke
Photo: [@fadiljaidi]

Not many people know about the figure of The Duke in Resident Evil Village. Rumor has it, he will be a character that helps Ethan Winters as well as an NPC merchant. The big figure of The Duke will be suitable to be played by Fadil Jaidi, the former child actor and viral Youtuber for playing pranks on his father!

5. Okky Lukman as Alcina Dimitrescu

Okky Lukman as Alcina Dimitrescu
Photo: [@okidatanglagi]

The figure who has shocked fans since the appearance of the Resident Evil Village trailer is Alcina Dimitrescu, the countess mutant human. Various speculations have sprung up, one of which assumes that she is the female leader of the Dimitrescu family and a follower of a demon-worshipping witch sect. His large figure would certainly be very suitable if the Resident Evil character was played by a senior Indonesian artist named, Okky Lukman. Especially if Oki wears a hat, it’s very similar, isn’t it?

6. Reza Rahardian as Karl Heisenberg

Reza Rahardian as Karl Heisenberg
Photo: [@officialpilarez]

Karl Heisenberg is a mutant human who is also a follower of a demon cult cult of witches. Having a similar position in the family as Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl was the head of the Heisenberg family. Who else is suitable to play Karl Heisenberg if not a million film actor aka Reza Rahardian? He manages to play various characters from protagonist to antagonist so it’s not wrong if he is suitable to play one important figure Resident Evil Village this.

That’s what happens if the character Resident Evil Village played by Indonesian artists. Do you agree with casting cast above?


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