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Want to Watch M3 Live? This is the Tournament Ticket Price!

Want to Watch M3 Live? This is the Tournament Ticket Price!

The Mobile Legends World Championship or MLBB M3 World Championship is finally officially held offline in Singapore on 6-19 December.

Interestingly, the tournament is also confirmed to be open to the public so that it will be the first Mobile Legends tournament to be held officially during the COVID-19 pandemic with the presence of spectators.

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After the announcement, of course, the question of requirements and ticket prices became the main topic currently being discussed.

Therefore, here are the ticket prices for the MLBB M3 World Championship which will take place in Singapore.

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Officially Announced

Photo via IG MPL SG

Through the official MPL SG website, Moonton has confirmed that there will only be 3 (three) matches that can be watched with the presence of the audience.

The match is a match in the M3 World Championship Playoffs which is scheduled to be held on 17-19 December 2022.

Moonton itself sets a different price for each round as well as the category of tickets that will be purchased by the audience.

For the first day of the Playoffs which will be held on December 17thMoonton set a price of 20 SGD or around Rp. 200,000 for category single and 35 SGD or Rp. 350,000 for pairs.

On the second day of the Playoffs which took place on December 18the ticket price to be charged still the same like on the first day.

Meanwhile, at the peak of the 2022 MLBB M3 World Championship, Moonton set a ticket price of 25 SGD or around Rp. 250,000 for category single and 45 SGD or Rp. 450,000 for pair.

Of course, Spinners themselves can already prepare themselves from now on if they are interested in being able to watch the Mobile Legends World Championship live in Singapore.

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