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Two Worlds EVOS Luminaire - EXP

At a time EVOS Luminaire faced with two different worlds: School and esports.

The figure whose real name is Ihsan Besari Kusudana knows esports through games Lost Saga. At that time, he was still a middle school boy. Starting from just playing games, Lost Saga plunged it in a number of tournaments.

All this participation made Luminaire realize that he had talent. He knows that through the game, he can not only achieve pleasure, but also achievements to even the coffers.

Then, when junior high school ended, he did not immediately apply to high school. Luminaire actually chose to take leave first because he wanted to focus on participating in the tournament Lost Saga.

For a teenage boy, of course it was a big decision. However, Luminaire is confident in his field. After all, taking time off doesn’t mean quitting school completely.

Luminaire kept his word. After participating in several tournaments, he enrolled in high school. At this time the game reference is getting wider. It’s no longer just playing Lost Saga, but also a number of other games.

One of them Mobile Legends. When he was in the second grade of high school, his friends from the community Lost Saga introduced him to the game made by Moonton. From there, Lumainer’s journey changed.

No more Lost Saga. Together with a number of friends, Luminaire began to focus on playing Mobile Legends. He even had time to make a team called Ignorance and was involved in several tournaments.

In the end, The Prime’s professional team sniffed out Luminaire’s talent. He was also recruited to participate in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) ID Season 3 tournament in 2022.

MPL is a place for professionals. It makes sense for many teams to impose quarantine during the training period ahead of the tournament. It also makes sense for Luminaire to be absent from school for up to 62 days.

His mother, though, didn’t really mind — even though his father wasn’t very supportive. However, Luminaire wants to be responsible for the two worlds he is involved in. He knows his interest is in esports, but he also knows that school is just as important.

In the end, Luminaire was able to finish school, even though he barely graduated. In a different world, his journey in esports also seems smooth. The proof is that he is still able to attract the interest of one of the biggest esports teams in Indonesia: EVOS Legends.

Luminaire shines with EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends was undergoing a major overhaul at the time. The trigger was the failure to perform optimally in MPL Season 3. On the other hand, several stars decided to quit. One of them is Jess no Limit. Yep, a figure who is now more famous as a Youtuber.

That was the condition of EVOS Legends when Luminaire joined. There is no excessive expectation considering that Luminaire’s achievements in the previous team tend to be mediocre. However, Luminaire actually kicked off with a very extraordinary performance.

In MPL Season 4, he played the role of tank support in the team. Past role that he stands out in terms of open map and interfere with enemy movement. In this way too, Luminaire often gives space for Rekt, another EVOS player, to do farming.

The choice of the hero itself varies. However, Selena, Akai, and Lolita are Luminaire’s three favorite heroes, at least seen from their intensity in choosing the three heroes.

EVOS Luminaire on M1

Through the style of play and all the choice of heroes, Luminaire managed to achieve a number of achievements. In MPL Season 4, Luminaire was able to bring EVOS to end the season as champions. He was also important in winning the 2022 Indonesia e-sports National Championship (IENC) and the MLBB World Cup aka M1.

In the midst of all these achievements, interestingly, Luminaire decided to take a break from esports. He announced the decision ahead of MPL ID Season 5. Luminaire reasoned that he wanted to start college, something he had promised his parents.

So, there is no Luminaire in MPL ID Season 5. That EVOS was unable to do much in that tournament, also in the following MPL season, may be due to the absence of Luminaire.

However, in MPL ID Season 7, Luminaire decided to go down the mountain by re-strengthening EVOS Legends.

Of course, it’s too early to say that EVOS’s performance will improve instantly with Luminaire joining. It’s too much if we directly talk about the potential to win. Even so, we can see that it looks like Luminaire is reluctant to let go of one of his two worlds.

If you can do both at the same time, why not? At least for EVOS Luminaire.


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