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Tier List Pokemon Unite: Guide to Choosing the Best Pokemon

A few months since it was first announced for smartphones, Pokemon Unite is finally available for you to install. Because it is a new game, of course there are a number of basic things that you must know first. One of them Tier List Pokemon Unite.

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Pokemon Unite itself is a game genre Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA. Those of you who are familiar with Mobile Legends are definitely familiar with this genre. You will be joined in groups of five players to face other groups.

Because this is a MOBA game, you will also play certain heroes that you can choose at will when you want to play. What makes the difference, the hero here is Pokemon. This is the interesting side. This is the main difference between Pokemon Unite and other MOBAs.

List of Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

pokemon unite

In Pokemon Unite, each Pokemon has different characteristics and ability levels. You can see these characteristics from the categorization that has been arranged by default, namely attacker, defender, speedster, supporter, fundll rounder.

Based on the original version, there are hundreds of Pokemon scattered in various places. However, in Pokemon Unite, you can only use 20 Pokemon. Here’s the complete list of Pokemon in Pokemon Unite:

  • Supporters: Eldegoss, Wigglytuff, Mr. Mime
  • All-Rounder: Machamp, Garchomp, Lucario, Charizard
  • Attackers: Venasaur, Pikachu, Alolan Ninetails, Cinderace, Greninja, Cramorant
  • Defenders: Slowbro, Crustle, Snorlax
  • Speedster: Zeraora, Gengar, Absol, Talonflame

Tier List Pokemon Unite

Tier List is a list to see the ability level of all Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. The following is the complete Pokemon Unite Tier List that we launched from Pocket Tactics:

  • Attackers: Pikachu (S), Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, Gardevoir (Tier A), Cramorant (Tier B), Greninja, Venusaur (Tier C)
  • Defenders: Blastoise, Crustle, Snorlax (Tier S), Slowbro (Tier A)
  • Speedsters: Gengar, Zeraora (Tier S), Absol, Talonflame (Tier A)
  • Supporters: Eldegoss (Tier S), Blissey, Wigglytuff (Tier A), Mr. Mime (Tier B)
  • All-Rounder: Machamp (Tier S), Lucario, Garchomp (Tier A), Charizard (Tier B)

How Far Will Pokemon Unite Go?

In a previous preview, we wrote that getting into the realm of Android is like venturing into the wilderness. Lots of games with the same genre as Pokemon Unite there. One that has been firmly established in its position for many years is Mobile Legends.

Even so, Pokemon Unite has enormous potential to reach the highest peak. One of them is thanks to the presence of Pokemon as characters or heroes in this game. Even the name Pokemon itself is able to make this game a concern.

Moreover, based on our first impressions, it is quite easy for even a layman to understand how to play. However, it’s good if you know the Tier List Pokemon Unite so you can really master it.