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This is the easiest way to download Free Fire Max 3.0 Apk

Actually, Garena has released Free Fire Max and you can directly install it via the Google Play Store. However, the FF Max download available there is version 2.65.1. On the other hand, many survivor who actually want to find a download link for Free Fire Max 3.0 Apk or the latest version.

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It is natural that many Free Fire players are looking for this version. The reason is, that version is believed to be a more perfect version and less bugs than downloading the old version of Free Fire Max. Moreover, there is no clarity about when Garena will release version 3.0.

If you are one of those who are looking for it, you are in the right place because EXP will share the link and the easiest way to download Free Fire Max 3.0 Apk.

Free Fire Max is

when can free fire max be played

Previously, Free Fire was more familiar with the 8bit dotted game. This happens because the quality of the graphics are mediocre. Compared to PUBG Mobile, for example, FF’s graphic quality is far behind. That’s why this game often gets ridicule in the form of funny memes and so on.

Free Fire Max is not like that. Free Fire Max is a game that is deliberately present to provide a different experience for players survivor. In this version, Garena tries to present Free Fire with a higher quality display or visual, you can even play it up to Ultra HD resolution.

What’s interesting, you can still meet survivors who play normal Free Fire when fighting. You also don’t need to create a new account if you want to try the Max version because basically the two versions are the same game but have different views.

Free Fire Max Features

The following are a number of features and characteristics that you can get on Free Fire Max:

Better graphics

Unlike the original version, Free Fire Max doesn’t deserve to be called dotted because the graphics are on par with PUBG. Garena deliberately prepared a special system to enable high resolution and ultra HD graphics. Survivors can even experience more responsive, stable, and smooth.

Garena itself uses the phrase ‘Ultra High Definition Maps’ when promoting Free Fire Max. From the teaser, it’s not an exaggeration. So, Free Fire Max is of course the right choice for those of you who want to try out a battle royale game with top-notch graphics.

Many new features

Despite mentioning super HD graphics as the main dish, Garena apparently also slipped other things in Garena Free Fire Max. There are several new weapons, there are even additional characters. The appearance of the lobby in the FF Max game is also different from the standard version.

There will also be the addition of the latest cosmetic items that make this version of the game more interesting. Some of them are motion cooler FF characters, the addition of new weapons, the addition of character skins, and various other latest cosmetic items.

Bigger size

Because it uses better graphics and more features, the Free Fire Max size will automatically be larger. If the original Free Fire is only around 500MB, the max version has a size of more than 1.5GB. Garena can’t avoid things like this.

In addition, Garena Free Fire Max also requires a much larger RAM usage than the original version. In the end, battery usage will also be affected so that it becomes more battery-intensive in the end smartphone you. Think carefully, yes!

Download Free Fire Max 3.0 Apk

If you want to download the latest version of Free Fire Max, the method is quite easy. However, you need to remember that this version is not available on the Google Play Store so you can’t find it there. You can download it via the link EXP shared below:

The advantages of the latest version of Free Fire Max

  • Fresh menu and lobby view
  • Stay friendly to potato smartphones
  • Higher audio and graphic quality
  • Comes with a number of new characters
  • The bullet marks on the wall feel real
  • Wider area
  • You can access it with an old version of the Free Fire account
  • There’s a new weapon
  • Map in 3D

In addition to these advantages, of course there are a number of other advantages of this latest version. You can immediately try to download Free Fire Max 3.0 Apk yourself if you want to feel all the advantages.