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This is the Bad Impact of Illegal FF Top Up

The Bad Impact of Illegal FF Top Up – Importance of function diamonds (DM) in game free fire (FF), making many players try to get it in various ways. Including doing top up illegal FF. However, you need to know that this method will have a bad impact on your account so that it will only interfere with your existence as a true FF gamer. Basically, there are many dangers that you will feel if caught by the FF system.

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This is the Danger of Illegal FF Top Up

Maybe there are those who consider the sanctions that you can get if you buy or add diamonds through illegal channels. However, this is not as trivial as it sounds. Here are some of the bad effects of illegal FF top ups that you can receive.

Diamond Drawn

When your DM is detected it was bought with top up The cheapest illegal FF, then the application system will immediately withdraw everything without notification. So don’t be surprised when you no longer have a diamond that you just bought through an online seller or other illegal means.

This of course will be very detrimental, especially if the battle is fierce with your opponent so you need additional strength and hero complements so you don’t lose.

Hero and Character Removal

This is a more serious danger that the system will automatically delete hero and the characters you already have. As a reward for your actions to buy DM in an illegal way. Because it is very detrimental to application managers who have worked hard to build a clear system for players.

When hero your favorite has been deleted, inevitably you have to restart from the beginning to get the best hero. Because it is certain that the hero that has been deleted will not be able to return unless you play again to a certain level so that you can get the hero back.

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Account Frozen

For gamers who top up illegal FF for free through any means, and have done it repeatedly without deterrence, their account may be frozen. There are two processes for freezing or banned accounts, namely temporarily for a certain period of time, or it could be permanent.

As a result, you have to create a new account that cannot use the same data as the frozen account. It’s a shame if that happens, especially if your game has reached the highest level and has a lot of heroes that definitely need time and qualified skills to collect them.

Diamond Refill Legally

If you have been caught doing DM top up in an illegal way, then you will be instructed to legally buy back DM according to the amount you bought illegally. If not, of course you can’t continue the game, because DM is needed to continue the struggle of your best hero.

Here’s How to Top Up Legal FF

To avoid the dangers of doing an illegal FF top up using credit or any other means, it’s a good idea to do a simple top up method. One of them is through direct purchases on the DM free fire official site , guaranteed you will not have problems when you get a DM. How to?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the type of purchase DM free fire
  3. Then enter the number of DMs to be purchased
  4. Enter ID free fire you
  5. Make a payment according to the desired payment method
  6. Then just wait for the DM to enter the account and it can be used immediately

Such is the information about the dangers of top up Illegal FF which can interfere with your existence as a gamer. Don’t try to do it if you still want to continue the struggle, as a reliable player who has heroes qualified to fight.

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