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There are Red Seeds in Resident Evil

Hah? Seed? Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong. However, the seeds that were there were not just any seeds. It is not the seed that is currently popping into your mind. The seed here is ‘Red Seed’, one of the characters that has appeared in Resident Evil.

If you wonder why the name is very Indonesian, yes, because the background is indeed from Indonesia. His nickname was ‘Red’, but there was never any explanation as to where the name idea came from.

Some thought the name came about because bad translation from Red Seed or Crimson Seed. However, when he saw the original version, it turned out that his name was actually Merah Seed. Hmmm…

The character itself first appears in one of the manga Resident Evil, exactly in the title Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire. In the video game version, meanwhile, Red has never been seen.

It is said that Merah is a member of BSSA Far East. He has worked with several popular characters. Starting from Chris Redfield to Piers Nivans who had worked together in the Marhawa incident.

Red is also a victim of the Raccoon City incident. As a child, he was forced to separate from his parents who worked in the city. However, an incident involving a progenitor virus takes their lives.

Resident Evil.

It took a long time for Red to find out the cause of the incident. His hatred for the Umbrella Corporation then emerged so that he finally decided to join the BSAA as a researcher.

His mission is one: He wants to find a way to stop the virus from spreading. However, in the end, Merah gave up his position as a researcher and joined the Special Operations Unit.

Merah reasoned that by joining there he could be more involved in eradicating the zombies there. What he wanted was achieved. Merah even had the opportunity to collaborate with several important people.

Piers and Chris are two of them. He had also worked closely with Professor Doug Wright, who eventually became his best friend during the operation.

In 2012, the Marhawa incident occurred. Red, Chris, Piers, and Prof. Doug was involved in the incident. Unfortunately, one of them, namely Prof. Doug, killed.

The incident made the three plan to retreat with the aim of asking for help.

However, Merah, who was involved in the fight, refused and continued to fight his enemy at that time. Piers tried to help and their mission was successful. Unfortunately, Red’s life was not saved. He died in Piers’ arms.

This event marks the end of the story of Merah Biji in Resident Evil. Until many years later, it is still unclear where the idea for his name came from.


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